Humility: The Prelude to Grace…

context1Grace:grace1 Five letters that make up ten thousand words of love and can heal a hundred million hurts. Without grace, there is no lasting intimacy, trust, or friendship.

Meanwhile there are so many unconscious beliefs, rituals, ideologies and attachments around how a man should be towards a woman and visa-versa that too often interfere with grace and we become victimized by each other instead.

We tend to make many mistakes as we “awaken” and mature. Blaming and being victimized is our number one mistake. Early on, we fail to see that it is in the letting go of blame, being right or being victimized that can we can find grace to have lasting intimacy, trust, and friendship.

Now that I know this, do I want to be right or correct?

It is 100% my responsibility to heal enough and observe enough, to see that my ”pain” inflicted by another was merely an illusion created by my ego that stunts my consciousness instead of waking up and growing up. Grace lets me see that in retrospect, and soon enough, with practice, in real time.

With grace, I look back in retrospect how I used to be with Lori and how she was with me. We would have been different towards one another if we knew today, back then. But we didn’t. We did the best we knew within our unconscious attachments, wounds and innocence.

Today is what counts to the heart. Yesterday is what counts to the ego.

Today we get to consistently celebrate grace in real time. Sure we forget once in a while, but not-for-long these days because it seems out of place to not be in grace, and that is a beautiful thing.

Robert BohenhumilityLearning grace, I fell to my knees a thousand times in reflection, humbled at how little I truly understood about love. Yet in doing so, each time I traded some useless pride for lasting humility and intimacy. I had to learn from my mistakes while proving that I meant it by not repeating my mistakes. Through the authenticity of my actions I built trust, accelerating Lori’s ability to build reserves of patience and compassion towards me as I learned. Healing and growth replaced the wounds of my ego.

It is all part of the beautiful Human Experience we share together: eventually my ego must surrender; then I must train my  ego to serve my heart that serves God’s Grace. Now I am aligning. Now I am “plugging in.”

This is where true Grace is awakened within me. Fueled by God’s Love, my grace soon transcends into a deep compassion for others.

I am Awakening. You are Awakening.

There is nothing more beautiful to witness. The evolution of you and me…

I encourage you to clean up whatever is in the way with whomever you have unfinished business with. Rather than being “right,” choose to be correct. Being correct does not mean that you were “wrong”; it means that you value the person more than your ego.

This is also your living example of God’s Grace for another. Healed people, heal people. It is a great and Divine gift that helps heal another’s wounded illusions.

Action is requisite to celebrate living in compassion and grace.

Be correct… Be in action. With whom can you practice grace with right now?

What Do You Reflect Back?

mirror“Your life is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God.” ― Eric Butterworth

The Potential of the Human Experience:

The greatest thing that you can ever do is to love and be loved, while inspiring others to do the same by the gifts that you discovered within you, and nothing is more important than knowing your gifts, your muse, your genius. Because when you align such with Providence, you become your purpose. And with your muse, your purpose and your alignment to God’s laws of Love, called “Providence,’ you humbly thrive and serve live within the Potential of the Human Experience to ultimately become a conscious gift to God.


“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ― Lao Tzu

 Breakfast MentorThe Breakfast Mentor

I’ve spent my life questioning people who stand out. I am continuously asking questions and seek the insights of unique and special people. Several years ago I ran into a rather gruff old gentleman whose heart shined to me, so I asked him to have breakfast with me. After ordering our meal and a bit of small talk, I asked him if he was happy. He snorted almost angrily, “Hell no, I’m not happy! Are you nuts?” I was a little confused and a little put off, but intrigued. I was thinking that perhaps I had I misread this man’s shining heart (it happens). Before I could collect my thoughts, he quickly barked, “But I am content, Son!” He then explained to me with precise eloquence, “People have it all wrong; they look outside of themselves expecting to find happiness while they futilely chase this fleeting and elusive emotion called happiness. This quest for happiness only ensures a perpetual sense of disappointment in their life because happiness is not sustainable!

He further lamented, “We live in illusions, but more importantly…..we live in the illusion that we are what we feel instead of what we are committed to; and that…” (he paused with a lump in his throat….) “is a large reason for humanity’s stunted growth.” Then his voice kicked up with passion and said, “All emotions are fleeting; happiness is like a drug; sadness is like a drug. These emotions come and go and wear off just as fast! Babies are born, people die, weddings happen and funerals occur.” He carried on saying, “This is life…… This is simply life happening and you here are to find contentment.

Then he mused, “During these life experiences, I feel fleeting moments of happiness or sadness; yet regardless of how I feel, I’m content!” I was all ears as he locked eyes with me and then said in a low voice, “What’ll wipe out that contentment in a heartbeat… is spiritual complacency, lack of gratitude, and my own runaway thoughts.” Next he reflected to himself and calmly said, “This is why I fall to my knees every day in pure gratitude, while praying and meditating with God for guidance, insight, humility and wisdom.

I was speechless, trying to soak in the wisdom of his words. This felt right. Part of me acted like I fully understood as I stared back, but I didn’t REALLY FULLY get it. After a minute I asked, “What did you mean about your thoughts?” The man said, “Oh that… I stopped listening to the voice between my ears a long time ago because it tries to tell me that I’m flawed and inadequate instead of a beautiful loving child of God.

Wow… he was serious! That man had no idea how much he changed the course of my life right then and there. I fell to my knees that night and I have never stopped. From that day forward I knew that I’d never live in the illusion of looking outside for happiness and solace again. Instead I’ll readjust my awareness inside…… to the compassion, love, and contentment that was always there… and always will be. To the part that’s…… me, my heart. Instead I’ll begin to intimately develop a relationship with my heart and figure out how to commune with God, or whoever created me for guidance (I really had no clue at the time about whom or what God was to me).

This daily practice soon helped me awaken my heart, detach from “life happening to me,” and I began to stop listening to the non-stop chattering voice between my ears that tries to tell me that I am frightened, unworthy and inadequate. Life began to happen through me and the Miraculous flow of Abundance began to flood my life. There is nothing mystical here; I merely began to align to spiritual law by doing what he said.

Over ten years later, my life has exploded because of a collection of experiences like this from asking questions. This is God speaking to us through others; this is God’s Providence. Always listen for God’s whisper through others!

Your Potential

With the step by step development of your “spiritual and human potential” you can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with gratitude, creativity, fulfillment, but it must occur THROUGH YOU, not TOO YOU. It is said that it’s not what you pray for; it’s where you pray from. It’s not what you love for; it’s where you love from. It’s not what you work for; it’s where you work from. It boils down to CAUSE AND AFFECT. Life is not effective when you seek to be the effect; life is effective when you seek to be the cause. SO? BE CAUSE! Change how you see the world from the inside out and the world changes. Change how you see the world from your ego to your heart and EVERYTHING CHANGES PERMANENTLY AND WONDERFULLY. This is profound spiritual law.


“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you. You are the traveler and you are the destination. In experiencing the ecstasy of your own being, mala1you have achieved the final goal.”



Just as a candle cannCaptureot illuminate without fire, we cannot illuminate without spirituality. You are the candle who allows God to illuminate you as pay-It-forward to a thousand others. ——— “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.~Buddha

Learn To Be Still

shhhhNot belonging hurts…

I remember where I was when Don Henley sang this song. I was in what Peter Gabriel calls “the zone of the in-betweens.” It’s where I cannot belong to the darkness one-second-longer and I don’t understand how to belong to the Light. It was a time of crisis because I believed I didn’t belong anywhere and suddenly death becomes seductive.

Everything I tried failed. God, wit, money, power, family, caring people, religion, Lori’s unconditional love, substances, intellect and running ever faster. The “illusion of compensation” had finally caught up to me in my late thirties as it does with so very many, sooner or later. We can only run so long before what we deny catches up to us.

When I first heard this song, it’s truth roared through me. I dropped to my knees and wept because it solidified my seemingly permanent fate and pushed me ever deeper into my blackness.

Soon after, I read the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi and wept for joy for perhaps the first time because I finally caught a glimpse of humility. This glimpse was enough to crack open my parched and ignored heart. Not that I wanted it to be ignored and parched; I simply had no access based on what I knew. I had found a sliver of Light in the darkest place of my illusions and the God-Force finally took hold.

And the rest is history…

Oh, by the way… Preemption of the “illusion of compensation” is far less destructive than being in “the zone of the in-betweens.”

The Human Experience is actually quite predictable and “the zone of the in-betweens.” is quite preventable…

if we can ”Learn To Be Still” first…

It’s just another day in paradise  As you stumble to your bed  You’d give anything to silence  Those voices ringing in your head  You thought you could find happiness  Just over that green hill  You thought you would be satisfied  But you never will –  

Learn to be still

We are like sheep without a shepherd  We don’t know how to be alone  So we wander ’round this desert  And wind up following the wrong gods home  But the flock cries out for another  And they keep answering that bell  And one more starry-eyed messiah  Meets a violent farewell-  

Learn to be still  

Learn to be still

Now the flowers in your garden  They don’t smell so sweet  Maybe you’ve forgotten  The heaven lying at your feet

There are so many contradictions  In all these messages we send  (We keep asking)  How do I get out of here  Where do I fit in?  Though the world is torn and shaken  Even if your heart is breakin’  It’s waiting for you to awaken  And someday you will-  

Learn to be still  

Learn to be still

You just keep on runnin’  Keep on runnin’


touchFear, base raw mortal fear, is the dividing line in our species. And no matter how hard we struggle to define it, it can’t be quantified. But it’s only one of the constant units of measure, one of the few things that makes us who we are. The only uniquely human force with enough power to overcome fear is love.

~  David Mazouz – Touch

From Her Healing Heart

hersFor all my life I have wanted to love you but felt unsafe to do so. I didn’t see that we were both raised in a culture that dishonors emotions, intuition, aging, the body, and sexuality.  I thought it was just us women. I focused on “our wounds” and dismissed yours.

I have been in awe of your power, grace, strength, intelligence, and vision. Yet, was afraid that you had it easier than me. In my fear, I lost the best part of me, and judged the best parts of you.

I didn’t know that inside me is a Priestess of Love, a Warrior of Soul, a Divine Mother, and an Innocent Girl. I didn’t know that you could see it, and would feel frustrated & betrayed that I was keeping them from you. I am on my way back to reclaiming the power & beauty of me. As I do so, I will join you in the celebration & sharing of us.

I apologize for not knowing that you had your emotions beaten or shamed out of you, and that your brain patterns are different than mine . I am horrified that in not knowing this I became an emotional rapist. Pushing to get to your emotions, and not knowing how it was life or death to you to protect them.

I apologize for thinking that my life was hard but yours was easy. Not seeing the ways that our culture shames, blames & constrains you as much as it does me. Nor recognizing that you work harder, die younger, and die in wars and violence more often than women.

I apologize for using that you are attracted to me to get my way, or get you to do things for me, or get you to pay for things for me especially when I had no intention of being sexual with you. Also, I apologize for not understanding how much that would hurt you.

I apologize for not seeing my own beauty, and putting all the responsibility on you to make me feel beautiful. I didn’t know how sad & confused you would feel about that. I didn’t understand that it is my job to discover my own beauty & self-worth, and then to celebrate it with you.

I apologize for not owning my passion & power of arousal, and putting all the pressure on you to make me feel in the mood for lovemaking. I didn’t know that it is my job to know my own body, and it’s pleasure. At least to know it enough so that I could invite you to collaborate with me in our mutual discovery instead of being angry at you that you weren’t a better guesser.

I also apologize for feeling that my attraction to you meant that you had power over me. I am really so very attracted to you. I didn’t know how to appreciate & celebrate that attraction without feeling less than you, or feeling that you had to do something for me, or give me something.

I apologize for not know that I had become addicted to the high of falling in love, and blaming you that my body chemistry has an expiration date. In that shaming, and blaming, I would justify treating you badly, or even cheating on you with another “fix.”

I apologize for not seeing the knight, king, hero, and sacred being inside of you that wanted to get out. For not being aware of my capacity to not only arouse your cock but your mind, your heart & your soul. For not being aware of the power inside me and using that power against you. I was so lost & unconscious of my own feminine allurement. You did not deserve that.

I apologize for being angry at your noticing & celebrating the feminine around you. I was so sad & insecure that I was afraid. I was afraid that if you noticed & appreciated another woman it meant that I was less than or not good enough. I didn’t understand that it was part of your male aliveness, and an honoring of the magic of the feminine to arouse and inspire.

I apologize for shaming you for objectifying me for my beauty when I was objectifying you for your ability to provide for me & protect me. I didn’t realize how depthful & complex we each are. I didn’t know that you longed to be seen beneath your actions, and heard beneath your words as much as I did. I didn’t know what a burden I was putting on you to have a role instead of to be a person. I didn’t know how hard we were each struggling to get outside our stereotypes and meet as human beings.

I apologize for pursuing you like a goal, and for treating you as less than a treasure.

I apologize for assuming that you owed me for being attracted to me. That somehow the mere fact that you found me attractive was a burden you had to pay for. I think this arises from one of the most wounded places in our culture around sex itself.

I apologize for not knowing or remembering that sex is sacred. When I remember that I honor & bless your body with my breath, kisses, energy, & fluids. I honor the precious vessel of your body; home for your soul. When I forget, I am at war with myself and you. I blame you for wanting something in me that I am disconnected from.

I apologize for not know that each human being (male or female) is their own culture. Each with our own customs, and important traditions, well loved and well known. I apologize for not understanding that there is no right way. There is only tradition & custom for what is right, or the braver path to discover what is right, right now.

I apologize for assuming that my way was the right way, and better than yours, rather than asking if you would brainstorm & collaborate with me a way to find our way.

I apologize for having hidden agendas and covert agreements. Not trusting myself enough, or that I was worthy of love enough, to speak my truth, or give a safe container for yours.

I apologize for asking for your feelings & truths when I was not safe to give them to. When I judged you and shamed you for being in an imperfect process of becoming just like me. Then held anger for you for not having the courage to keep going in the face of my criticism.

I apologize for focusing more on what I could get from you, or needed from you, rather than on what I could give to you. Not understanding the grace & beauty available in giving with a full & generous heart. Not knowing that in feeling like a greedy beggar of love, I was making a curse reality.

I apologize for not understanding that when you asked me to cook, or clean for you, that you were wanting love expressed in a tangible way. Similar yet different to my wanting you to pay for things, or fix the sink.

I apologize dear heart, for not knowing how I looked from the outside; how beautiful, frightening, challenging & changeable. I didn’t know that what made sense to me on the inside, or from the internal logic of being raised in the culture of women, would be so unreadable for you. I thought you didn’t care. I know now how wrong I was.

I apologize for keeping it a secret how my desire, passion & need of you locked me inside a head that was painful for me. I didn’t know how to give you the keys to let me out. I didn’t know how to let myself out. I wanted you to save me. I didn’t know how to save myself. I didn’t know that I needed to find my own Little Girl inside, and to develop my own Loving Nurturer.

I apologize for not seeing the wounded little boy & shattered young man inside you with love. My own wounds called out too loudly for me to see & have compassionate space for yours. I feel horrified that I did not have tenderness for the tenderest parts of you.

I apologize for overgiving and then resenting you. I apologize to saying yes to things, when inside I knew it was a no. Then hating you for accepting the yes. I apologize for allowing huge wells of rage to build up that were toxic, and spilled out over & over into our relating. You didn’t deserve that. No one ever does.

I apologize for setting & advocating for my boundaries through the archetype of The Tyrant. Yelling. Shaming. Blaming. I apologize for not having nor expressing compassionate limits & boundaries in a graceful way that were NOT against you but for me.

I apologize that I offered compassion for your wanting to date other women, and instead gave you judgment. I was so frightened. Lost. I needed you more than I loved you when we started. I couldn’t give you any freedom. It is horrid to think of how I wanted to cage you so that I would be safe & could feed off you when I needed it.

I apologize that I judged you over and over, and was blind & dismissive of your underlying pain.

I apologize that I began our relationship needing you more than loving you. It is a toxic algorithm. No one deserves to be used as a fix, and have demands put on them. Demands that stifle the authenticity and surprising arising of what is true for two people. I am so sorry that I treated you that way.

I apologize that I did everything I could do to win you. Things I knew would not be sustainable over time. I lied. I misrepresented. I was manipulative in the worst ways. I listened to what you most wanted in a partner, and pretended that I would be able to give it to you, so that I could get access to your commitment & devotion.

I apologize that I was so lost that I couldn’t find you and that we couldn’t travel from darkness to light holding hands & celebrating a new light.

I pray that these words nourish you in knowing that you are incredible human being that deserves all the best that life has to offer.

May your heart find its true home…

From his healing heart ~ Jeff Brown

hisI apologize for my inability to distinguish relationship from war. Like a warrior in enemy territory, I would sneak in and out of your life in the night, plundering and selfishly taking what I needed, then crawling back to the other side of the abyss with the spoils. I gave little back for fear that I would become vulnerable to attack. I had war on the brain and I could not see the river of love waiting on the other side of the battlefield. I now recognize that love is the antidote for the armored warrior, but I could not drink the antidote in my driven state.

I apologize for not seeing you, my eyes blinded by congealed rage and unshed tears. If it is any consolation, and I imagine it is not, I could not see myself either. I saw only that which served my hyper-vigilance, my warrior focus. My mirror was a battlefield.

I apologize for my ungrounded materialism, my power driven tyrannies, my obsession with accumulation. Somehow I imagined that accumulation would protect me and those close to me, but I failed to recognize that it just perpetuated the madness. I also apologize for my egoic abuses, a reflection of my own misguided ego, pumped up to deal with an inherently competitive world. I couldn’t distinguish the healthy, confident ego from the cocky, unhealthy ego. I went much too far in the wrong direction.

I apologize for a sexuality that was objectifying and disconnected from the heart. I know you longed for real intimacy, a merging of our souls along the heart-genital highway. But there were too many defenses around my heart, and no bridge could form between our souls. There were moments when your loving ways freed me from my body masks, but I had no template to stand in that heart-fire. I am sorry for this, for I know that the path you longed for was the path to God.

I apologize for my horrifying acts of violence, a reflection of my own congealed rage, my own inability to distinguish real enemies from friends. There are no words that can undo what I have done in those moments of madness. I know this, I do. I would hide my face in shame, but that won’t make things better. I need to own my misdeeds, and then find a way to believe in my capacity to move from a more loving place. I call out to other male warriors to be accountable for the actions of our gender, not in a way that is self-hating, but in a way that is courageously self-honest and genuinely compassionate.

The heartfelt warrior acknowledges the error of his ways, and has the courage to do all he can to make amends over time.

I apologize for my inability to develop a conscious relationship. You were right there with your beautiful heart on your sleeve but I was too attached to my individualism and afraid of this unknown terrain. I know the forests, the marketplace and the ways of the outer world so well, but my inner geography is foreign to me. You called me to a place I was ill-prepared to go, although I sensed, below the surface of my bravado, that you called me home.

I am grateful for your willingness to believe that who I was in those rare moments of vulnerability was the real me. You were right- the real me lives inside of my heart- but a few moments now and then was the most I could handle. I saw you as dangerous, for in your presence I began to taste a surrendered way of being. Nonetheless, your faith in my goodness kept me going through many a battle, and restored my faith in life when I most needed it. You were the light at the end of a barbaric tunnel, and I am blessed.

I am grateful that you stuck with me through thick and thin, and I also understand those times you had to give up and let go. I now recognize that there is meaningful difference between a love-ship and a relationship. Love alone is not enough. Without a shared willingness to become conscious, there can only be frustration. I was so often impossible; clinging to my unconsciousness like a soldier clings to his weapons. I recognize the courage it took for you to keep your heart open in the presence of my resistance. You had every right to seek an authentic relationship, as your spirit was ignited in its presence. Your beautiful heart had every right to be met in its openness and willingness. I am grateful for the time you gave me, a moments respite from the hiding places I mistakenly called home.

I am grateful for Grandmother, for no one saw my tenderness more clearly. I am grateful for Mother, for choosing to bring me into being and for nourishing my body until I could find my feet. I am grateful for Mother Earth, for grounding my expansion and enlivening my spirit. I am grateful for the Divine Mother, the real Mother of us all. I now feel her divine presence, so close. Fiercely compassionate, she was always right here, breathing life into me, holding me safe. I sit in her lap as she breathes me.

I look forward to the day when the only thing that ignites relationship is two souls calling out to one another, two soul-hearts beating in the same direction, a whisper of longing that bridges one essence to another. I want to want you not because it gratifies my ego, not because you are outwardly beautiful, but because your very presence invites my Godself out of hiding. I want to touch you with my heart on my sleeve, to know chemistry between us that is not gender identified, but that is essence sourced, loves liquid lava flowing from the heart to the genitals to the great beyond. In this love-struck world, relationship will always be experienced as spiritual practice, a devotional expression of our God-self.

I had always believed that sensitivity is impossible to hold to in a harsh world. Yet in this moment, I feel sensitive, but without the fragility. I am still wearing armor but there is a shift in the direction of my intensity. I can linger in the heart-space a little longer than I once could, I am softening in places. After so many lifetimes with weapon in hand, a tenderling warrior is being birthed in the core of my being. He is confused, but he intuitively knows that this is the way home.

Please don’t give up on me or my fellow warriors. Forgive us our misdeeds, or, at the least, be open to the possibility that we will change as the trail expands to meet our shifting intentionality. The day will come when our warrior spirit loses its harsh edge, and comes into alignment with benevolent action. Some of us are already there, and many more of us will follow. The road to transformation is dependent on a bridge between genders, a benevolent bridge that celebrates our differences with respect and kindness. That work must begin with healing the rifts along the gender continuum, working hard to heal the collective heart until one day we can stand on a bridge across forever, hands held together, hearts open and alight, embracing the sacred masculine and divine feminine living at the heart of us all. I will meet you there.

May you feel the love of the Divine Mother crashing down on your heartfelt shores, graciously lifting you up above the madness of the world, nestling you in the grateful arms of those you have nurtured.

Those of us who have received your blessings may not always acknowledge it, but your acts of love have landed within us, growing us stronger and infusing us with love’s light.

Thank you.

Saint Augustine on Humility

humilityIt was Saint Augustine who spoke about people who go to God only half way. He was describing individuals who are willing to give up some of their time for prayer and meditation, some of their negative thought patterns and habits. However, they don’t trust quite enough to go all the way with God. They keep one eye on God and one eye on the external world of effects as their source of fulfillment, accepting that which can be known with a false certitude by the five senses.

When you send out a real soul-call to God, omniscience responds. A vibration is sent from you into the universe that draws into your experience that which will support the fulfillment of your desire. Your humility in asking for divine assistance places you in a receptive position as you surrender your human understanding to divine wisdom. When both eyes are placed on God, you have your transportation to transformation.

Then, even earthquakes bring opportunities. Internal change shakes up your entire reality, opening new ways to see that which has been destroyed as giving up unworkable conditions. A dynamic sense of urgency awakens every cell in your body as you take each new action. Boldness and genius is awakened to resolve age-old challenges. Every fiber in your being begins to be aligned with the Perfection of the Universe.

Today, as you sit in stillness, gently close your eyes, and focus your attention on your breath, in-and-out, in-and-out. As each thought comes into your consciousness, release it and let it go. Free your mind from all attachment…let go of your attention on the dog barking, your schedule for the day, the unresolved conversation you had yesterday. Continue letting go of each thought as it comes up and simply focus on your breath. Listen to the Stillness that is present, right where you are and allow that inner earthquake to release the old and tired thoughts of not-enough, generating brilliance and boldness right now, right here where you are.

As you move throughout your day, take this thought: “I am fully alive, taking bold and brilliant action!”

Most of us pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency. We like to be responsible for taking care of ourselves and pulling our own weight in the world. This is why it can be so challenging when we find ourselves in a situation in which we have to rely on someone else. This can happen as the result of an illness or an injury, or even in the case of a positive change, such as the arrival of a newborn. At times like these, it is essential that we let go of our feeling that we should be able to do it all by ourselves and accept the help of others.

The first step is accepting the situation fully as it is. Too often we make things worse either by trying to do more than we should or by lapsing into feelings of uselessness. In both cases we run the risk of actually prolonging our dependency. In addition, we miss a valuable opportunity to practice acceptance and humility. The ego resists what is, so when we move into acceptance we move into the deeper realm of the soul. In needing others and allowing them to help us, we experience the full realization that we are not on our own in the world. While this may bring up feelings of vulnerability, a deep feeling of gratitude may also emerge as we open to the experience of being helped. This realization can enable us to be wiser in our service of others when we are called upon to help.

It takes wisdom and strength to surrender to our own helplessness and to accept that we, just like every other human being, have limitations. The gifts of surrender are numerous. We discover humility, gratitude, and a deepening understanding of the human experience that enables us to be that much more compassionate and surrendered in the world.

 Of Equal Worth – Humility

The notion of humility as a virtue brings numerous images to mind. We tend to envision those rare individuals who humbly bear life’s struggles while downplaying their own strengths. Yet humility is also associated with people whose insecurities compel them to judge themselves unfavorably as a matter of course. The true definition of humility, however, does not correspond precisely with either of these images. Humility is not passivity. Rather, it is an utter lack of self-importance. The individuals who embody the concept of humility appreciate that each human being on the planet occupies a unique place on an infinite spectrum of development. Though they can take pride in their own accomplishments, they also understand that the people they interact with each day are as valuable and have as much to offer the world as they themselves do.

To be humble is to accept that while there will always be individuals more and less advanced than yourself, those on all parts of the spectrum of development can provide you with insights that further your personal evolution. Recognizing these insights is a matter of opening yourself to the fact that not only do others think and feel differently than you, but their life experiences have shaped them in a very different way than yours have shaped you. This means that while you may have a greater understanding in some areas, others will always be able to teach you something. When you cultivate a genuine yearning to know what skills and talents those you encounter have been blessed with, you cannot help but learn humility. You instinctively understand that emotions like envy breed resistance that prevents you from growing, and that being flexible in your interactions with others will help you connect with unexpected mentors.

When you practice humility, you want to become as accomplished and evolved as you can possibly be, yet you are willing to submit to the expertise of others to do so. You understand the scope of your aptitudes yet you choose to eradicate arrogance from your attitude, and you can distinguish the value you possess as an individual while still acting in the interests of your fellow human beings. Humility, simply put, is a form of balance in which you can celebrate your own worth while sincerely believing that every other person on the planet is just as worthy as you.