What Do You Reflect Back?

mirror“Your life is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift to God.” ― Eric Butterworth

The Potential of the Human Experience:

The greatest thing that you can ever do is to love and be loved, while inspiring others to do the same by the gifts that you discovered within you, and nothing is more important than knowing your gifts, your muse, your genius. Because when you align such with Providence, you become your purpose. And with your muse, your purpose and your alignment to God’s laws of Love, called “Providence,’ you humbly thrive and serve live within the Potential of the Human Experience to ultimately become a conscious gift to God.

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    “Every day, every moment, I have the choice to see the wholeness of life, or the separation. I can see the flawed history of an individual or I can see their individual expression of the divine spark. I can see each other being in my life as separate, different and apart from, or as my brother, my sister, my Self in another body.” – Jeff Kober

    I am much happier when I am at AFFECT instead of EFFECT. This makes me RESILIENT because I know that if I change my thoughts from being dominated my ego to being dominated by my heart, my entire life shifts. The more I do this, the more beautiful my life becomes and the more my cup overflows. I used to be unconscious that I was unconscious. Then I became conscious that I was unconscious. Today I am trying to become unconscious about being conscious, and that takes diligent, daily practice. Each day I wake up in anticipation of becoming better today with my AFFECT and less of being the EFFECT. As a result, today I am less in judgment, fear, separation, impatience, loss, scarcity, or taking things too personal and being victimized today than I was yesterday. Practicing my AFFECT today means I am focusing on compassion, love, connection, patience, generosity, abundance and taking in God’s beautiful children and universe as a victorious and content being. When I change my AFFECT, I change the world. I find that quite beautiful, and apparently so do the folks around me. Besides, RESILIENCY and COMPASSION is a great character trait for a gentleman. All of this helps me “sing my song” as I get just a little closer to my infinite SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL today.

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