Learn To Be Still

shhhhNot belonging hurts…

I remember where I was when Don Henley sang this song. I was in what Peter Gabriel calls “the zone of the in-betweens.” It’s where I cannot belong to the darkness one-second-longer and I don’t understand how to belong to the Light. It was a time of crisis because I believed I didn’t belong anywhere and suddenly death becomes seductive.

Everything I tried failed. God, wit, money, power, family, caring people, religion, Lori’s unconditional love, substances, intellect and running ever faster. The “illusion of compensation” had finally caught up to me in my late thirties as it does with so very many, sooner or later. We can only run so long before what we deny catches up to us.

When I first heard this song, it’s truth roared through me. I dropped to my knees and wept because it solidified my seemingly permanent fate and pushed me ever deeper into my blackness.

Soon after, I read the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi and wept for joy for perhaps the first time because I finally caught a glimpse of humility. This glimpse was enough to crack open my parched and ignored heart. Not that I wanted it to be ignored and parched; I simply had no access based on what I knew. I had found a sliver of Light in the darkest place of my illusions and the God-Force finally took hold.

And the rest is history…

Oh, by the way… Preemption of the “illusion of compensation” is far less destructive than being in “the zone of the in-betweens.”

The Human Experience is actually quite predictable and “the zone of the in-betweens.” is quite preventable…

if we can ”Learn To Be Still” first…

It’s just another day in paradise  As you stumble to your bed  You’d give anything to silence  Those voices ringing in your head  You thought you could find happiness  Just over that green hill  You thought you would be satisfied  But you never will –  

Learn to be still

We are like sheep without a shepherd  We don’t know how to be alone  So we wander ’round this desert  And wind up following the wrong gods home  But the flock cries out for another  And they keep answering that bell  And one more starry-eyed messiah  Meets a violent farewell-  

Learn to be still  

Learn to be still

Now the flowers in your garden  They don’t smell so sweet  Maybe you’ve forgotten  The heaven lying at your feet

There are so many contradictions  In all these messages we send  (We keep asking)  How do I get out of here  Where do I fit in?  Though the world is torn and shaken  Even if your heart is breakin’  It’s waiting for you to awaken  And someday you will-  

Learn to be still  

Learn to be still

You just keep on runnin’  Keep on runnin’

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