Humility: The Prelude to Grace…

context1Grace:grace1 Five letters that make up ten thousand words of love and can heal a hundred million hurts. Without grace, there is no lasting intimacy, trust, or friendship.

Meanwhile there are so many unconscious beliefs, rituals, ideologies and attachments around how a man should be towards a woman and visa-versa that too often interfere with grace and we become victimized by each other instead.

We tend to make many mistakes as we “awaken” and mature. Blaming and being victimized is our number one mistake. Early on, we fail to see that it is in the letting go of blame, being right or being victimized that can we can find grace to have lasting intimacy, trust, and friendship.

Now that I know this, do I want to be right or correct?

It is 100% my responsibility to heal enough and observe enough, to see that my ”pain” inflicted by another was merely an illusion created by my ego that stunts my consciousness instead of waking up and growing up. Grace lets me see that in retrospect, and soon enough, with practice, in real time.

With grace, I look back in retrospect how I used to be with Lori and how she was with me. We would have been different towards one another if we knew today, back then. But we didn’t. We did the best we knew within our unconscious attachments, wounds and innocence.

Today is what counts to the heart. Yesterday is what counts to the ego.

Today we get to consistently celebrate grace in real time. Sure we forget once in a while, but not-for-long these days because it seems out of place to not be in grace, and that is a beautiful thing.

Robert BohenhumilityLearning grace, I fell to my knees a thousand times in reflection, humbled at how little I truly understood about love. Yet in doing so, each time I traded some useless pride for lasting humility and intimacy. I had to learn from my mistakes while proving that I meant it by not repeating my mistakes. Through the authenticity of my actions I built trust, accelerating Lori’s ability to build reserves of patience and compassion towards me as I learned. Healing and growth replaced the wounds of my ego.

It is all part of the beautiful Human Experience we share together: eventually my ego must surrender; then I must train my  ego to serve my heart that serves God’s Grace. Now I am aligning. Now I am “plugging in.”

This is where true Grace is awakened within me. Fueled by God’s Love, my grace soon transcends into a deep compassion for others.

I am Awakening. You are Awakening.

There is nothing more beautiful to witness. The evolution of you and me…

I encourage you to clean up whatever is in the way with whomever you have unfinished business with. Rather than being “right,” choose to be correct. Being correct does not mean that you were “wrong”; it means that you value the person more than your ego.

This is also your living example of God’s Grace for another. Healed people, heal people. It is a great and Divine gift that helps heal another’s wounded illusions.

Action is requisite to celebrate living in compassion and grace.

Be correct… Be in action. With whom can you practice grace with right now?

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