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Providence explained

The Promise of Providence




Promise of Providence




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Promise of Providence



Promise of Providence






Read the first few chapters of, Bobby, the Making of a Childhood Sociopath. It is riveting, true, and you just may understand why Bobby was diagnosed at age 15 as a sociopath.



Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Be the Inspiration of Wisdom, Grace, & Growth


You influence everyone you meet and everyone you know in one way or another and you also influence you.

What does that influence look like? Are you content? Inspired? What do people think about you? What do you think about you? What is the impression that you leave with those whose lives you touch, even for just a moment?


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For just a moment, try to describe the essence of your impact you have on others in your mind's eye: Is it intimacy? Warmth? Distance? Mixed signals? How far in do you let people see you? Is it more towards guarded? Or is it more towards transparency? Is it based on circumstance? Are you "different" with various people or consistently the same? How is your relationship to the person you love the most? Do they see parts of you or all of you? Would you like others to see all of you or are there aspects that you are compelled to hide? Oh, one more thing: what is your legacy? What will you leave behind for those who mean the most to you?



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I invite you to participate in a rapid transformation and awakening process called Love, Now. What is Love Now? It is exactly as it states, it is to love now; in this moment, and with practice, each and every moment. However there are two places to Love, Now from. One is from your heart and one is from your ego, and they produce completely different results. This journey of love, Now is about discerning the differences.


Biologically we are here to reproduce the species, spiritually we are here to reproduce love. Awakened people reproduce love and unawakened people reproduce fear; this is an absolute law of life. Love, Now is about mastering the simple laws of love and how to live with your heart leading your life instead of your ego leading your life.


I believe in this simple axiom: If there is division occurring in your life, the common denominator has yet to be found. There is division in culture, religion, and politics, there is division in opinion and perspective; however, there is no division with Love, there is only more Love. Love makes us whole. Ultimately your life can be distilled down to two perspectives, either you are driven by your healing heart or your hurting ego. At this time in history, did you know that only a tiny fraction of the people on this earth actually live from their heart most of the time as natural beings? Very few celebrate each day as natural beings. Most haplessly default living from their hurting, fear and scarcity based egos as adaptive beings.


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There is a reason for this. As children, we learned to become adaptive beings and we unconsciously put our hearts on hold. We went into a form of arrested development around our true true potential to authentically love. Then we went to grade school and learned even more how to hide who we truly are and what we feel were deep inside. As we grew into teenagers, we learned that if we adapted by dressing or acting a certain way, or joined sports, clubs, cheer-leading, or perhaps some taboo counter-culture, we could fit in and belong. Some of us sought to not "fit in" and perhaps isolated into books, computers or fantasy.


As young adults we became even more adaptive at being masterful actors. We mastered our "game face" socially, at work and to keep the peace in our relationships. Consequently most folks ended up becoming under-skilled or even inept at living as natural beings to our full potential. The consequences erupt as dysfunction, divorce, breakdowns, feuds and unhappiness. Then we normalized this behavior so much that we don't even see it happening everyday or the consequences. We haplessly became part of an ego driven and "looking good" society that survives on pretense rather than thrives on authenticity. The problem with this is our true Self aches to be free. It cannot continue to be suppressed behind a mask of pretense and indifference without consequences.


The additional consequences to becoming an adaptive being manifests in part in many insidious ways, such as addictions, anger, shame, poor self-esteem, depression, stress and "quiet desperation." Henry David Thoreau said, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” This is because most men and women become lost in their egos and struggle somewhere living as adaptive beings, and the consequence is some form of "quiet desperation." The too few in history celebrated life as natural beings, having "sung their song" having found the wellspring of love, creativity and intimacy to fully live from their heart. You and I are about to change that!


Love Now is a powerful growth process tailored for you to "sing your song" and jump straight into, and far exceed what you thought was possible in your life. Love Now will dramatically change how you relate to others by enriching your ability to be the natural, authentic you everywhere with everyone. Love Now will transform how you impact those around you by leaving a legacy of love, trust and opportunity wherever you go.


Love Now will reveal the natural, inspirational force within you that deeply impacts whom you love and those in your community. This inspirational force is not some motivational speaker type trick, NLP or some new age rhetoric; rather it is the deepest, untapped force within humankind that we are all on this earth to master. It is the most powerful force known, and it is locked inside of every person waiting to be unlocked. This force is called Love, Now.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith The ego is a terrible master yet an excellent servant.


The biggest thing that interferes with unleashing the most powerful force known to human kind is your own ego. This is because the ego is a terrible master yet an excellent servant. However most people live their entire lives with their ego's in charge of their lives, circumstances and relationships. They unwittingly live ego driven lives for decades, not knowing there is a far more powerful and awakened way to live. The ego is a genius at surviving and manipulation and inept at love. This is the heart's job because the heart is a genius at thriving and creating intimacy, called intimation. Love, Now is about having your heart and ego in balance, with both being a genius at what they are good at.

As kids, almost all of us turned off a large part of our hearts, trading survival for authenticity and manipulation for intimacy. By the way, you can disagree if you wish, but it does not change the consequences. Survival is fine if you are in the woods or in a catastrophe. But in marriage, friendship, society and with co-workers, a "me centered," manipulating, survival perspective, based on scarcity is simply an inept approach compared to what is possible. No wonder so many relationships struggle and fail; it is because the ego is very incompetent with love.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Depression occurs without the heart in charge


Without the heart in charge of the ego and you discovering and living your purpose, you will inevitably experience some degree of angst or depression and a sense of unfulfillment somewhere in your life. The ego's attempt at keeping depression at bay comes in many forms, such as drama, distraction, alcohol, drugs, abuse, workaholism, just to name a few. When you discover and solidify your "soul" purpose born of your heart, your life will naturally begin to fill up and overflow with a sense of contentment, wonder, imagination, playfulness, uninhibited intimacy and a deep sense of belonging. This is true abundance; when all of these natural attributes of the heart's genius naturally spill over onto those around you. This is how you become an "inspiration" and it is as natural as rain.

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This true abundance is the "law of attraction" in overdrive. It's not about "stuff;" it's about love, fulfillment and contentment! This is who you truly are and what naturally occurs when you freely overflow with self-esteem, clarity, well-being and creativity, just to name a few. This is the "law of Providence" in action, where the everyday conditions from which you operate naturally unfold. This is the daily place for you to call "home" within you. To choose to live from the heart instead of the ego is singularly the greatest and most important choice you can possibly make in your life because it shifts absolutely everything. When you change you, you change your world.


This is a free choice that very, very few people realize is available. It is a choice that impacts everything, everything, everything in your life. Personal and business relationships flourish in light, natural ways. You experience deep gratitude, and life becomes like that of a child who embraces each day with a sense of awe, acceptance and wonder. Love Now ensures that you never again have to hold back the genuine you as you proactively respond as a conscious observer of your love centered life.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Be at "home" in your heart!


What do you sense when you dream of the perfect "home"? Comfort? Solace? Trust? Friendship? A home is not just brick, wood and glass; that's a house. It is what is inside of you that goes in the house to make it a home. A home is created out of a noble "context" of love fueled by your heart, inspiration and creativity. Your home begins deep inside of you; therefore if you are not at home with yourself, you're not at home with the world. Being at home with yourself depends on which context you view the world from, your ego's or your heart's. Two people look out a window; one sees dirt and the other sees stars. Why is this? Context.


"Context" means everything because context is the "filter" and "container" that everything else goes into. It is how life is viewed by you, and what every decision that you make is based upon. Happy people see happiness, angry people see anger, prejudiced people see prejudice and so on. Whatever you "see", you "see" proof of it and it becomes your reality. The Universe always mirrors back our deepest beliefs as our reality. Since the ego cannot see above survival and scarcity, the Universe mirrors survival and scarcity back to most people, even though we do not want it.


This is why things like "The Secret" and "the Law of attraction" do not work for most people. It's not what we want, it's where we want from! We have to shift our context from our ego to the heart from the inside, out. We cannot pretend to see life from the heart, we must shift how we see and that begins by retraining our ego to serve the heart. This takes practice, spirituality and following the laws of love. And it certainly is accelerated and ensured by being in the company of others who have journeyed before you, to assist you.


When you shift from an ego based context to a heart based context, you become fully responsible all of your experiences, good and bad. The heart sees thriving, love and abundance, and the ego sees surviving, fear and scarcity. And again, both perspectives always find evidence that what is seen becomes reality. This is how powerful God made you! As a result, when you finally "see" from you heart, a profound healing occurs. Meanwhile the law of Providence abundantly provides you with the resources to love more powerfully. When you heal, so do others. Simply put, healed people, heal people.


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So just like a house becomes a home when legacy, intimacy, gratitude, comfort and love is the context. Similarly, your life, your heart, your soul, your mind, your body is either a house or a home, based on your context. Everyone has a context that they base their life upon, and it is a choice. However it is only a choice when you are aware of the choice. Love, Now is the awakening process to be able to become aware of this powerful choice. Remember, your "choice" ultimately becomes your reality and what you base your decisions throughout your life upon. The ego in charge of your life may have a lifelong context of "scared, guarded, and untrusting," and then most choices and consequences become a life based upon a context of "scared, guarded, and untrusting." The consequences may be a life of living in quiet desperation and never "singing your song." But as of today, you know better!

Imagine a house and its occupants whose context was scared, guarded, and untrusting! Now imagine a house and its occupants whose context was legacy, intimacy, gratitude, comfort and love. Now imagine living in a house where both reside. This is how most people are inside because parts of their life are dominated by their fear based egos. This is why we can be successful in some areas and do poorly in others. There are many wealthy people with addictions and a swath of broken relationships. There are many people with great relationships who suffer financially. The unhealed ego creates all sorts of unnecessary struggle in life. Love, Now is the promise of "getting your home in order" and living your life as it is meant to be lived, to Love, Now. Love, Now is your implicit birthright and designed for you to celebrate life every day.

The journey of Love, Now awakens you to tame the ego and reclaim your heart to finally be in command instead of your ego. Herein rests the power of having a mentor or someone you trust to help you see these blind spots to awaken to, and finally become the conscious observer of your own life. The awakening process of Love, Now is about reclaiming your birthright and to remove the barriers and become the free and natural being you are meant to be. The biggest challenge is that we cannot change what we are not aware of. As a result, we adapt to, and normalize our ego based behaviors to the insidious point of invisibility. Consequently we are helpless to change it without some form of objective intervention. Again we cannot effect what we are not aware of. Human kind has struggled for millenniums haplessly allowing our egos to unconsciously dominate our lives and it is time that we reclaim our birthright of living awakened, conscious lives. Spiritually you can struggle or spiritually you can thrive, and it depends on what you do with love and how you understand it, define it and the power of your context.


The fear based ego struggles with making all of the parts of your life a "home" because this is the heart's job. What do you think your life's context is? Look around, it is what consistently repeats in your life. Is it trust? Uncertainty? Hurt? Healing? Anger? Peace? Can you see where your ego prevails and your heart prevails? Life always presents us with a choice to react from our ego or respond from our heart. Does your ego's context interfere with your heart's desire? If so, you can learn to grow your heart's context bigger than your ego's context, and the larger context always absorbs the smaller one, so make your heart's bigger. Responding from the heart consistently is where the miracles of life are born. This is God's law of Providence and when we align with Providence, "The Miraculous" begins to flood your life with miracles. The good news is that we are all designed to align with Providence.


The journey is home, and home is the journey.


We all yearn for a home within us where solace, love and intimacy burns brightly and is generously shared. We desire a home where well-being, vitality and health are nourished and expected; where we are sheltered from the inevitable winds and storms of life. This is a home where Providence prevails. And when guests "visit" you in everyday life, your internal "home" is to be a beacon of warmth, solace, acceptance, kindness, peace and trust for them. Each person you meet in your life either feels at home with you or they do not. It is quite simple, when you are at home with you, they feel at home with themselves too. They find it safe to drop their guard, they are drawn to whatever it is in you that makes them feel this way. This is because everyone wishes to relax and trust, and folks know it when your home" is the real deal. You can have this kind of home in your life every day by embracing the beautiful journey of Love, Now. You can learn to live from the heart consistently so your very presence inspires others to feel "at home" because you have mastered being at home in your heart with your ego faithfully serving Love, Now and celebrating "The Miraculous." How beautiful!


Find out what it takes to live from your beautiful heart that God designed. God programmed into everyone the natural ability to practice Love, Now. We are truly designed to be this way. Meanwhile everyone is on their unique journey to experience lessons in love and compassion. Not everyone is ready to shift their context right now. However you'll know if you are ready, because you'll feel it; you will yearn for it and it will be an overwhelming desire to grow to the next level. It is as if you intuitively know that Love, Now is the next step in your journey of your own awakening. If this feels right to you, pick up the phone and ask questions. If you need a little more time and input, I suggest asking for a copy of the eBook, The promise of Providence, and I'll personally get it to you. It is a powerful and eye-opening journey of the human experience and Love, Now and a step by step process of Awakening and allowing "The Miraculous" to flood your life.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Love is very accessible, not elusive or mysterious.


Many of us grew up believing that "love" is complicated and requires, struggle, luck or fate to "find", let alone sustain. This is quite true in the ego based world that most people live in. The ego's quest for "love" is instinctual and we will go through great trouble for it. Then once we find it, without the heart in charge, we often end up sabotaging it, completely baffled and bewildered how it happened. Again this is because the ego is a "genius" at survival and inept at love. We Must learn how to put the heart in charge of love and leave surviving to the expert, your ego.


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This is why when "ego" meets "ego" (typically most people), problems soon occur. Both egos that are experts at survival and manipulation are spiritually inept at understanding the true force of love. They eagerly enter into the relationship with skewed expectations. Each fantasizes that they have met the perfect match who is perfectly compatible for them, expecting to make perfect love in their perfect life, forever and ever while they are both under the illusion that they "complete" one another. However, once the illusion and fantasy wears off and the ego becomes disappointed with the other ego, disappointment and struggle ensue.

People investing massive amounts of time and energy while struggling for love is a most common theme in books and film. Wouldn't it be better to use your energy, heart and resources towards a proven process of love to benefit your life, family and loved ones forever more? Isn't that better than the status quo of the typical ego of a human being who ineptly stumbles and guesses at how to love? Love Now, is the simple process for two awakening hearts to deeply love each while understanding the nuances of the male/female perspective. If you are single, in a relationship or at odds, Love, Now is a priceless protocol to avoid the pitfalls and prepare you for something wonderful and permanent. You will know the challenges of ego-man meeting ego-woman, and how to nurture this into a powerful legacy of heart-man and heart-woman truly loving. You will have the skills and insight to cherish and thrive with one another for life.


Love is the most misunderstood word in the world to the ego. The ego cannot access true love; again, that is your heart's job. The ego believes it is loving when it protects it's children and it's mate, but it is done from a context of survival, manipulation, loss and reproduction. To truly love, we must understand what the definition of love is, as defined by the heart. The great sages of time unanimously agree that love is the sole reason for conscious living and biological reproduction is the sole reason for unconscious living. Therefore the heart's love is far different than the manipulative, possessive, lustful, reproductive love of the ego, and we must know the difference to begin to thrive in all areas of life.

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Trying to understand love from the ego consistently creates confusion, disappointment and struggle, because the ego is only a genius a survival. It knows how to trigger pheromones, and to flaunt and manipulate the most attractive physical attributes to attract a mate. The ego only knows yearnings and heated, passionate, animalistic acts of reproduction and calls this love, however this is lust. The ego also knows how to protect self and others in the event of a threat or an interloper, yet even well intended, this is possessiveness and jealously. This is not awakened love, this is the ego's version of love, which is lust, jealousy, and possessiveness, and protection of the species. This "love" is unconscious, instinctual and meant to propagate the species and all animals do this. Humans are capable of acting like intelligent animals or the spiritual beings we are designed to be. Ego love is not the love of the awakened and conscious heart you and I are designed to experience as spiritual beings.


The ego does not understand awakened love; it is not designed to, it only understands survival love. Awakened love is your heart’s job. In fact, the ego is rather frightened of the whole affair because it fears what it doesn't understand. When it doesn't understand, the ego either avoids or seeks to conquer through brute force or manipulation, none of which aligns with God's laws of love or the laws of Providence.


Today you have a map and a guide to make the crossover from your ego in charge to your heart in charge; from surviving to thriving; from quiet desperation to playful and grateful wonder. Soon you will realize that you have all of the resources to choose living powerfully as a natural being just waiting to be awakened within you. A natural, awakened being has no need to hide behind a veil of fear or insecurity, ever. Instead we are fully responsible for our experiences, no matter the circumstances. We have the ability to freely love, enjoy and celebrate life every day. This does not mean that we are not without sorrow or joy, pain or ecstasy; we have the same experiences as an ego driven, adaptive being. It is just that we live from a different place, a victim free place, our hearts. The adaptive being is dominated by the ego and the natural being is dominated by the heart with the quieted and tamed ego in service of Love, Now and aligned with God's laws of Providence.


This do this is life's greatest achievement because it impacts everything. The difference is breathtaking; the difference is we recognize that we are loving beings driven by love, seeking a human experience, not the futile, selfish, struggling humans hoping for some random spiritual experience. What matters most about thriving and celebrating life is where we live from; we all have a choice whether to live from our love driven hearts or our fear driven egos. The difference is night and day and our context and perspective is literally one hundred and eighty degrees opposite. As a result, life profoundly changes and "The Miraculous" is unleashed.

It is extremely simple; beautiful, abundant love is readily accessible via your heart, simply and powerfully, right now. Today you can forge making your relationships solid, with yourself, your mate, children, parents, life and God. You only need to unlock this love within you and begin to train your ego to serve your heart that serves God's laws of love. When you access your potent, natural birthright according to the laws of love, tender miracles absolutely must occur called "The Miraculous." This is a matter of implicit natural law called, Providence. There is nothing mysterious here, in fact it is quite the opposite that boils down to basic cause and effect. The perceived heavy burdens of life invariably lighten as your context shifts from an ego centered mind to a love centered heart.


You will find humor in your own idiosyncrasies and confidence in your new found purpose. You will delight in all that you share in common with humanity. Fear will alchemize into love and tears of sorrow will be replaced with tears of joy and gratitude. You will realize there is no limit to love and to fully comprehend this understanding is breathtaking. When your heart takes over, there is a rebirth in comprehension, intuition and perspective. You will understand life’s beautiful potential in each day and the potential brilliance of aligning with others. You will awaken each morning with childlike anticipation of the new insights and growth you'll grow to expect daily. Welcome to your birthright, all you need to do to begin this journey is to commit today.


Just realize that if you are like the majority of the people on this earth, your ego would much rather that you refrain from proceeding any further in your awakening. The ego is the greatest barrier to change and growth, and the closer you get, the more your ego will chatter with fearful thoughts of doubt and inadequacy. It will talk you into doing something else right now instead of reading on. Or your ego will begin triggering hunger, sleep, judgment; anything but you actively becoming conscious.


Peter McWilliams summed it up quite well, saying "In life, we have either reasons or results--excuses or experiences, stories or successes. We either have what we want, or we have ironclad, airtight, impenetrable reasons why it was not even marginally possible to get it.


We use one of the most powerful tools at our disposal--the mind--for our disposal. Rather than dispose of the barriers to our dreams, the mind disposes of the dreams.

In the amount of time it takes for the mind to invent a good excuse, the mind could have created an alternate way of achieving the result--rendering excuse-making unnecessary."


So if your ego is chattering, "this can't be true", listen to your heart to hear if it is true. It is our natural design to live in an awakened state once the ego surrenders. Just know that surrendering takes practice and commitment. Life with the heart in charge of your life means to thrive instead of survive and this beautiful process is called Love, Now. You are at the precipice right now; this is your awakening to a "thriving," permanent, us-centered perspective of Love Now. So pick up the phone and call to learn more.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Love is very accessible, not elusive or mysterious.


Most of us live our entire lives not really knowing what holds us back from being who we want to be while living the life we want to live. This is because we lack the fundamental understanding of the ego and the awareness of it's stranglehold on our lives that enslaves us to our past. We don't even know what can be possible for us because we accept that the way of the ego is the way we are destined to remain. This is because we have adapted to, and normalized this behavior to the insidious point of invisibility for generation after generation.


Consequently we are helpless to change it without the objective intervention of others who can see it, because we cannot effect what we are not aware of. This is the insidious trap of "quiet desperation" where most everyone, living and dead, succumb to. Sure, we expect to grow a little, but after several futile attempts, most of us resign to live out our lives without really finding answers or filling the void within us.


Most of us begin in our youth, with stars in our head on a quest to conquer happiness and add meaning to our lives. Some try many, many things, usually to little avail, only to slowly resign in quiet desperation. Some spend their days “hoping” that something miraculous happens to them. Some fade away in jilted cynicism that this is as good as it gets. Yet very, very few actually live as Love, Now. It is time for you to do so.


Contrary to the ego's beliefs, nothing "out there" or outside of you can permanently unlock your contentment because it is wholly within you. That may seem like bad news but it's actually great news if you know where to look within and what to do when you find it.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Happiness is difficult to find within ourselves and impossible to find anywhere else.


Look at God's perfect design! For example, a tiny, invisible string of DNA possesses every possible life form and potential cures for disease. Your heart is your "spiritual DNA" that possesses every possible resource to form a beautiful life and the cure for your ego to surrender to love. However, just like physical DNA, the capacity to unlock it is uncharted and unknown to most folks. God designed us to be self healing beings and all of the resources are "built in" within us. There are solutions to be found when we unlock these miracles, it's just that most don't know how to unlock it.


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Since most of us have not cracked the "code" to loving powerfully and to limit our ego's dominance, we can feel frustrated with life. This is because our egos are still in charge and then we unknowingly sabotage our desires, or we acquiesce that perhaps we had the wrong desires to begin with, or we think we don't deserve a beautiful life or we blame someone or something else for stopping us. Maybe we get philosophical, speculating that this was some sort of karmic lesson to learn by being deprived of our dreams. None of this is accurate! The only thing that is accurate is to love and live powerfully.


We are all designed to embrace the breathtaking and beautiful experience called "life", and to love each other powerfully each and every day. Our "spiritual DNA" is programmed to have our lives be a daily experience of love, joy and childlike wonder, just like physical DNA is programmed to become a beautiful living, robust physical creature. 

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Love is your birthright, but it requires the proper conditions to achieve its potential. So create the conditions! You were designed to live life as a celebration of love, grace and gratitude instead of being controlled by your deceptive ego that is terrified of change. Intuitively you have always known that the way you are living isn't quite up to how it could be, and you are correct. Begin today the practice of training your ego to surrender to your heart's love and brace yourself for God's amazing design and "The Miraculous."


The truth is we all have a passionate purpose to uncover within our heart, and we were born to realize this purpose. Another part of the equation is that we must realize what this purpose is to feel truly fulfilled. When we are free to celebrate and live as our our purpose, we thrive, and most important, we can then teach our children to do the same. Within that purpose, we are to also influence our friends and loved ones to become inspired to find Love, Now too. Soon, your community and all the world around you changes because you finally found the beautiful "home" within you. If all of this sounds simplistic, it's because it truly is. The most basic and governing truths are not always obvious, but they are always simple. So come home!


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Get out of quiet desperation...


A major reason we don't experience life the way we were intended to is because we have minds that have been "brainwashed" by our egos. It started in childhood -- before you could do anything about it. The mind "under the influence" of the ego is terrified of the unknown and has countless phobias and misunderstandings. It makes things up and distorts our thoughts. It makes us do stupid and self destructive things. It worries unnecessarily and it is convinces us that we are alone, cut off, broken or "different" and somehow we don't quite "fit in." It only sees scarcity and the glass half empty. The ego believes that there is never enough and sabotages plans and relationships.


We build our lives allowing these false thoughts to dominate almost every decision we've made since childhood. We normalize this giant illusion and call it truth or "life." We rely on our ego fueled minds to guide us through "life" and then we wonder why we have such a challenge with love, intimacy and basic wellbeing. So often we haplessly choose such hazardous and drama ridden paths when we need not. Again this is because the ego took charge in early childhood and we rarely contemplate there is more proactive way to live. The ego powered mind is a poor master but a profound steward. Allow me to repeat, the ego powered mind is a poor master but a profound steward. We must tame our mind to be powered by our hearts. 

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You will learn that the ego powered mind left in charge of life as a master is geared to manipulate (the opposite of intimacy). It is terrified of transparency, of being found out for real because it is ultimately a fraud adapting to fears. It believes that it is inferior to other egos and often tries to prove it is superior to others. It needs to create  a hierarchy to dominate the perceived "weaker egos," and it sycophantically manipulates and placates those perceived as superior, especially in business. It needs to impress other egos into how brilliant, rich, strong, powerful, etc, it is. When deep inside, it is terrified of losing ground and is convinced that there is not enough of anything to be content. No matter how much it has, it wants more. It is insatiable and cannot ever experience contentment for very long.


It brilliantly convinces you how unattractive, inept, clueless, and inferior you are compared to other egos, and you believe it. It perceives fear instead of trust and lies about being afraid. It delineates by the illusion of skin color, religion, economics, sex, fashion and an infinite number of other things. It doubts instead of trusts. It sees scarcity rather than abundance and feels obligation instead of desire. It gets bored easy and insatiably demands attention. It does things expecting some payoff and if it doesn't get it, it has a fit and gets disappointed. It follows rules rather than inspiration, needs laws to behave, hesitates in place of action, acts in place of hesitation, it calls stupidity courage and falls for bravado instead of peace. It is despondent instead of hopeful, and on, and on, and on. The bottom line is that the ego left in charge is a miserable little sucker that wants lots of miserable company commiserating about what it is victimized by, while it often brags in public how great it is and then cowers when alone.


Then what good is an ego? The ego is good for is basic survival. While you are contemplating the universe, it's watching for that bus coming your direction. It thinks about survival while you think about God. The ego is also good for fun and games. To see who is faster, a better shot or whatever. The problem is when you make your identity that you are the fastest, the best shot, a businessperson, doctor, longshoreman or some other identity, is when it has you. In other words, the ego is great fun as a steward and for sport, but an imbecile tyrant as a master. Love Now is about making your ego the very best steward that faithfully serves your life of love that serves God's laws. How lovely!


An ego in charge leads people into depression, illusions, fear, self-medication, alcohol and drug abuse, self-destructive habits and destructive, codependent relationships. When you heal the ego, you heal addictions! An ego in control is like a wild horse that needs to be broken. It will run wild and buck you off until the rider teaches it to surrender to the heart, and you are the rider. The untamed ego is a selfish saboteur, wreaking havoc on your health, finances, relationships and every other area. 


Even if you don't have major problems and are a generally healthy person who wouldn't dream of doing anything self-destructive, let alone harm the ones you love, the ego still operates from some level of distortion just as a byproduct of living in and having grown up in this world. Any subtle destruction generated is at an unconscious, unaware level. Meanwhile it is certainly there, quietly, insidiously and subversively limiting your potential to love and truly celebrate life, because deep inside it is still terrified unless you train it otherwise. The truth is that it does not want to be in charge and it hopes that you will get tired of it being in charge. You can act now or later. Just know that left alone, sooner or later it will get your attention and it helps to know what to do next.


It is time to start discovering what's really going on in your life. We're all subjected to innumerable distractions, temptations, restrictions, "solutions", religions, toxins, fashions, associations, propositions, organizations, interruptions, expectations, and other manifestations of ego driven fear that distracts us from living our purpose in this life. No wonder the world is a noisy, dissonant place. Struggle is the byproduct of restless minds and still hearts and we thrive when the opposite prevails.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith To live, to love, to learn, [is] to leave a legacy. Stephen Covey


Love Now is about reverting to a restless heart and a still mind, where contentment and intimacy are lived with a clear, "heart powered" mind, with your heart following God's laws, and contemplating the next infinite level of love. Soon you will understand what it’s like to have a mind that is freed of distractions, and an ego free of chatter. It's a beautiful thing to witness in the "home" within you.


In contrast to the ego's fearful manipulation, the heart as the master seeks intimacy, or intimation (seeks authentic, trusting, transparent communication and intimacy). With the heart in charge, you naturally develop a deeply grounded realization of the limitless potential of love just waiting to be realized, enjoyed and explored by you. This is your legacy, birthright and how you are designed to live.


Love Now is here to help you unleash the power of your heart while automatically opening new levels of consciousness and how you see life. Each level uncovers new keys to unlock your growing awareness. Many results of this process are immediate and breathtaking, and it doesn’t take more than a few sessions for you to be off and running with the Love Now community in the background supporting you to thrive. This is because the force of love is is the "spiritual DNA" within you already. You will be naturally and instinctively transformed into someone who knows how to love—and someone who knows how to live as love. This is what Love Now is about!


We are all designed to be this way when we remove the barriers. Some barriers take longer than others, but you will begin to thrive instead of survive; this is spiritual law. And then you will witness yourself in action, living proactively as an observer of your life. You will live inspired and you will become an inspiration for others to do the same. That's how life works with the heart in charge that aligns with the laws of Providence.


Love Now is contagious. As you become restored to a healthy, efficient state, others around you will be drawn in to Love Now as well. With your mind and heart finally aligned, your life will start working for you in areas your life used to work against you. "The Miraculous" that is released around love to propel your life will be beyond what you ever imagined.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Your ego will fight your heart taking over...


One warning, remember that the ego is terrified to give up control and it will try to sabotage your  life as your heart  assumes control. There is a saying, "the ego will fight until its own death." Yet the ego does not die; it becomes your loyal servant. We need the ego -- but we need it under the right control, as a tool instead of a weapon; as a noble steed instead of a wild horse. So make it become a powerful servant of your heart.


We know the clear path to making this happen, and we will accompany you during this necessary and  tumultuous process that we all must go through sooner or later. Once you are on the other side, you will see that it is just like teething. As a child, you had to go through the agony of teething and now your teeth serve you every day of your life. But unlike teething -- which has an end-- the journey of awakening to love is a continuous and infinite adventure.


We are all here to realize love; ultimately we cannot prevent it; but we can painfully postpone it, continuing to sabotage parts of our lives for decades or for life. In fact, most go to their grave having not sung their song. Do not do that! We are committed to helping you sing  your song from the mountain tops. Yet this process can defy logic and can feel unnatural (or "counter-intuitive") at first. However, there is nothing to fear (that is just your ego freaking out). That is why it is wise, wonderful and comforting to have other people who have been on a similar journey before you to guide you through the taming of the ego.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Part of the process is paying it forward.


As your heart expands and as you begin to thrive more and more beyond the ego's survival mentality, you will learn that your "presence" truly impacts others, and "paying Love Now forward" is a crucial part of the process. Here is where you will witness the true law of abundance in action as you begin to assist the growth of others as the numbers of conscious loving people abundantly grow all around you.


When we put Love Now to work, our world automatically begins to transform around us -- first with loved ones experiencing a greater intimacy and trust in us, then outward to others on this earth. And, most importantly, the relationship with our own selves is constantly being strengthened and renewed, empowering us to continue to move further ahead in creative wonder as living examples of Love Now in action.


This beautiful work is permanent and changes everything naturally and powerfully, all around you. This work is in alignment with your very design and God's laws of love. You won't be able to go back to the old ways because your state of being becomes transformed into the genuine, intimate, natural you with your heart finally in charge of your life.


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Thrive and play a beautiful game of love with us!


Awakened people thrive because we recognize that counter-productive belief systems and inadequate relationship skills need to be replaced with love, spirituality and wisdom. With pure and humble hearts, we use our God-given talents and our newfound purpose to serve others. It is quite simple, everyone's primary purpose is to love one's self, others and God. When we do this, we are in alignment, and God's laws of Providence naturally occur to enrich our lives and flood us with "The Miraculous", the true law of abundance. This is implicit law and a wonderful life lived in the awakened state of grace we call, Love Now; because it's not what you pray for, it's where you pray from. 


Eventually your Love Now community will thrive together in larger and larger numbers. Then an even higher purpose will come alive, born out of the collective. Whether it is your family, your company, your community or your country, creating a powerful, unstoppable legacy for our future generations is a life well-lived.


It is love's purpose: it is yours and mine; it is everyone's.


It all begins with you and me, right here, right now.


Call and say hello; the conversation is priceless...


God, family, friends,


Honor Loyalty Duty Faith
Robert Bohen


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