We asked two questions...

Honor Loyalty Duty Faith A secret poll of what people want...


People were very generous to answer these questions to the depth that they did.  Most answers run very deep while displaying a common yearning. Most wish to simply desire to master love of self, others and God while making a difference, and having their needs met. That is not alot to ask, and I believe we all designed to do so once we remove the barriers.


I'm moved by the authenticity of the answers and the clear yearning for direction, love, God, compassion, forgiveness and connection that we all commonly value.


These answers fuel the vision we hold to co-create a beautiful community of truth and  wisdom that empowers each and every one of us to materialize our dreams, while closely supporting one another while doing so.


There is great healing to be had within the humble transparency expressed by so many people. We take to heart and grow from every word so generously provided to us. It helps us research deeper into the common aspirations, dreams the fears that we all share together, so we can all Love, Now.




God, family, friends,



Honor Loyaly Duty FaithRobert Bohen




Please tell us what you think and please answer these two questions if you haven't by info@RobertBohen.com.




1. What three things if you mastered (in priority), would then create a fulfilling life for  you?

2. What is the one thing in your life that if changed, would change everything for you?






1. Nothing creates a fulfilling life for me. I am fulfillment, as we all are. But the awareness that I am life, (consciousness, love, Oneness) which is already whole and complete fulfillment is where the mastery is. And from this awareness we manifest symbols of fulfillment on the physical plane.


The mastery involves:


1. Living from the heart field.


2. Fully embracing life right here right now.


3. Including all inner and outer appearances as the One Same Self.



1. The one thing I would change is to live more and more in That which does not change.



1. I want chicken fried steak, steak fries or tater tots with extra gravy. I'm gonna have to think on the other a bit.




unconditional love



1. better ability to communicate.........interaction, dialogue, expressing myself in a positive way that stimulates better and more rewarding communication........and deeper connection with people I encounter in my life


2. deeper connection to the source of all ........spiritual enlightenment........awakening........


3. vibrant good health.......


1. If my attitude changed......if my perspective on life.........and circumstances were to focus on good more and bad less.............I think EVERYTHING would change............




1. Self Discipline


2. Ability to shift quickly (when something is not going well)


3. Stay Present


1. Letting go of expectation- I would never have to be in disappointment for my self or others. I think this would create the biggest change. I spend too much time in attitude recovery - when really at the end of the day, seems it just creates drama and at some point passes anyway -I am much better at it - but still feel I have a long way to go :)




A connection with God




1. To be a proper role model for my two girls


2. To be a better partner in a commited relationship


3. To be a better christian


1. To be a strong, confident, and secure man.



1.Healthy body and brain.


2.Healthy social life.


3.Sense of purpose/excitement.


1.If I loved being me.


Robert, FYI i love being with you. You reached out to me which I appreciate maybe more than you know... and you give me your truth about me at times... however your truth/humor/sarcasm about my being late/slow/uninvolved/not staying connected... alienates me and reminds me of my less than perfect health and that I'm not keeping up with normal healthy people... I would do better with out that (maybe because I get that from so many people?)



1.Memory, having concussions from 5 auto accidents in the last 7 years has greatly hindered my retaining lessons I learned.


2.Dis-creating hindering beliefs in all areas of my life replacing them with empowering ones.


3.Perfecting my teaching skills to include all learning styles.


1. Memory, connects to having perfect digestion, fact there are more brain receptors in the stomach than head.



1. Financial success , which would make the rest possible


2. Fulfilling relationship's


3. Inner peace


Thought about this for a while. I am more confused, and lost, than before I began. I believe that if I knew the answers (for me) to your questions, I would have acted on them and found the fulfillment you allude to.



The only things that come close:


Reconnecting with God


Figuring out how to win the Lottery


Mastering effective communication



1. Marriage, fatherhood, finances


2. My separation from the woman I love, if I could reconcile with her I would never make the mistakes that drove us apart.


1. Hearts and open minds.







1. At this moment in my life: Ability to create a Daily Dose of Humor for others enjoyment.


2. Patience


3. Mastery of Photography


1. None – very content though not complacent



1. Create $ 300K personal annual income.


2. Find a woman to be in a long term committed relationship with.


3. Buy a home to live in.


1. Be an excellent Money Manager.



1. Initiating and sustaining meaningful, loving relationships.


2. Clear perception of dharma.


3. Directing the flow of power through my spirit.



1. The realization of my true nature.


2. Being married - God did not design me to live alone. I have too much love to give.


3. Having enough money to help my kids when they need it. Being able to have a larger home that I own (or can rent) with extrea rooms for company and an acre or more of land for a large garden and some chickens and broadband cable.


1. The Rapture :) I would like to be able to quit eating goodies.













How to love and be loved




1. Mastery of the mind.


2. Compassionate and wise relatedness with others.


3. The capacity for effective action.


1. If my health were to turn suddenly worse, incapacitating me.



1. How to have a loving relationship with a woman


2. How to create and produce more income


3. How to love and be loved in return


1. I believe that if I learned how to be in a great communicative loving relationship with a woman my life would change



What is the one thing in your life that if changed, would change everything for you?


1. Spiritual connection with the universe


2. Detailed attention and creativity around success and money


3. Intimate connection with wife and extended families


1. Life changing mastery for me would be all about the mastery of Context. hearts and open minds.



1. Marriage


2. Fatherhood


3. Finances


1. My separation from the woman I love, if I could reconcile with her I would never make the mistakes that drove us apart.



1. Loving myself,


2. Experiencing joy and


3. Being open to all possibilities by living in the present



1. Compassion for others


2. Self mastery of myself.



1. Unconditional love for self and others


2. A release of any belief in separation between myself and Source


3. Complete trust in my partnership with the Greater Field of Life.



1. Being financially secure for the first time in my life. (I have been well under the poverty line pretty much my whole adult life, and I'm now 60.)


2. Changing my thoughts from repetitive negative and frightening ones, however much they are reality-based, to more positive, encouraging, warm, and constructive ones. This would include formulating a new, kinder narrative of my life story so as to overcome the terrible despair and self-flagellation I often experience.


3. Building relationships with people and God built on reality-based - but real - trust, faith, quiet confidence, steady sureness about my values and priorities, and an optimism based on focusing on the better side of the people I'm with.


1. Patience, Acceptance of life's imperfection, Consistent sense of self

Letting go, Taking risks, Not procrastinating/time management



1. Developing a solid anchored conscious relationship with self, with essence, that I can count as a firm foundation, my True North ( overriding any and all default patterns) and trusting in a very conscious connection with resourceful adult quickly stepping in as Captain of my ship at all times.


2. Change/transition with ease and grace, with deep faith and trust in the flow and support of the Greater Field, no matter what the circumstance.


3. Ability to hear/know my deepest inner truths and speak from that place consistently, constantly in relationship with others, forming truly authentic, empowering connections with others in all relationships, including friendships and work relationships and intimate loving partnership.



1. The ability to stay centered in a place of equanimity and deep trust in the Goodness of Life no matter what I'm faced with.


2. A co-creative partnership with my body that is supportive, accepting, healthy, radiant, graceful and beautiful.


3. The ability generate and radiate heartfelt love, care and joy in all of my relationships. It's like, the ability to magnetize others and intuitively know how to develop a relationship of mutual respect and trust everywhere I go, but most importantly in my immediate family.



1. Money


2. Love


3. Health & fitness


4. God


I don't mean to be glib by giving. such short answers, but that's how it came out. Longer versions would be:


1. To really live life with a consciousness of abundance. For that to be the field in which I live. Filled in meaningful and creative work that deeply inspires the lives of others.


2. For my Beloved and I to finally be united in deep embodied committed love and communion. For that love to extend outward into deep and rich relationships in the Field of Awakened mutuality.


3. To enjoy high levels of health, well being, and fitness. A grace-filled, strong and poised body.


Fourth, although you didn't ask, would be for great spiritual evolution and embodied consciousness. But if 1.2 & 3 were done in utmost care and consciousness, 4 seems like it would be a natural occurrence



1. Mastering financial freedom


2. Mastering emotional, physical and mental self-nurturing


3. Freedom


1. Being in the Moment, Consistent connection with the Universe



If I could reconcile...___________________________



1. ability to make a very comfortable living working for myself while contributing to humanity's evolution (as in, get out of my victim attitude about money and accept that I am worthy of earning a ton of it, and also that I am competent and talented enough to actually make a positive and lasting difference in the world!)


2. teaching teaching teaching — just not sure what/how yet — WAIT! That is NOT true! I am working on a one-woman show right now that I plan to tour around the country, and especially to college campuses. It is about religion and its divisive and destructive effect on our country (yes, this IS a comedy show ;-) So I'm hoping to teach people self-acceptance and tolerance of others, but also about standing up to Dark Ages dogma that is destroying our country and has the potential to destroy the world if you consider the building battle between Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Muslims. I'm also intrigued w/the ideas Andrew and I came up with when I was staying with you about turning my love of improv into a workshop for regular folks who just want to add a little fun, confidence and risk-taking to their lives. Is this an answer????


3. De-clutter my life (of distracting projects/people/etc), my home (of excessive/useless stuff), my brain (of anxious and self-doubting thoughts) and patience, patience, patience



1. Finding and meeting the one


2. Figuring out what kind of writer I am supposed to be


3. Making a good living



1. How to truly, fully Love


2. Forgiveness


3. Having 100 percent Belief in myself



1. Opening up my heart, reach out and warmly connect with the people around me without abandoning myself: learning the middle way of being connected WITH boundaries, as opposed to either adapting myself to others' needs OR totally isolating myself. Also with the new man in my life.


2. Having the faith, courage and perseverance to find and make the tangible contribution I came to make


3. Making peace with handling the material world: learning to manage my time, to enjoy things like cooking, taking care of my body, hair, clothes... Being okay with fact that these things take TIME. In short: Making peace with the limitations of the material world, as opposed to being inspired by inspiring ideas



"What three things, if you mastered, would create a fulfilling life?"


1) Enlightened/heightened awareness of Being


2) Balance/harmony in all the domains of life


3) Mission/Vision/Purpose - "Visioneering"



Becoming less self centered


Becoming more tender hearted


Mastering the fine art of trading stocks.



Keeping a solid direct connection to God


Being able to focus


Finding a wife that complements me.


unconditional love (all around me, not just who I choose)


how to heal the human mind (to help others and myself with daily and life struggles)


writing (to communicate thoughts/observations/perceptions to be clear service to others)


1) When I master the art of creating consistent cash flow for myself, then I would feel empowered within myself.


2) When I can figure out how to heal and clear up my brain blockage, I will feel more empowered.


3) When I can create a team of positive like-minded people around me who want to create projects together to be able to impact many that will also be fulfilling.


1. Releasing of negative emotions and repeating patterns in life in a manner that is permanent. (This does require understanding this part of human design and recognizing the patterns, but even that doesn't help until you permanently clear them, take my trainings for more details).


2. Spiritual connection and practice including discovering communication to and from God/Universe and life purpose, intuition, and living that life purpose.


3. The actual real world skills to live one's life purpose while making a fantastic difference on the planet and getting paid royally (pun intended).



The power of Now! Unconditional Love! Reverence for all things!

Thank you for being in my life!



Total Unconditional Love, Being Totally in my Power, Total Authenticity


1) Manifesting what I want as quickly as possible


2) Reading people quickly and accurately- personality, credibility, etc.


3) Ability to stay in possibility with funn, play & ease


What is the one thing in your life that 'if' changed, would change everything?


Answer) Hmmm...the "surface" thought is massive income...deeper, I experience something closer to Spirituality and/or harnessing the authentic power of manifestation.



To be a better partner___________________________



My consciousness level


Hearing and obeying God every time he spoke to me.

A steady stream of income to free up time better spent helping others


The only thing that changes "everything" is changing the inner-being which is generated mostly by old unconscious thoughts and feelings, energies and the body as a sum total, our vibration. Releasing of negative emotions and repeating patterns in life in a manner that is permanent. (This does require understanding this part of human design and recognizing the patterns, but even that doesn't help until you permanently clear them.)


One thing if changed, would be 100 % healthy. Another- full shamanic powers.



1) Learning how to say NO in a supportive and constructive way..


2) When I make an agreement with myself keeping it mo matter what.


3) Loving myself every day and in turn loving everyone, this could be # 1


1. Staying in the present.


2. Living without regrets.


3. Forgiving myself and others for past mistakes and releasing them
and letting them and myself off the hook, would give me a better life.


1. Personal Good Health


2. Help My partner Heal


3. Create Monetary Security


1. the wisdom to truly forgive

2. to be a profound listener

3. the wisdom to accept life as it is happening


1. Accurate Self-Assessment - producing choice - the choice to continue "as is" or change.


2. Cultivating Gratitude - Having consistent access to what I'm grateful for in my life regardless of the circumstances.


3. Constant Compassion - for myself and all beings

1. Relationships with family.


2. Intimacy with friends.


3. Financial stability.


1.Comm. & Relationship skills in Reactive Situations . Rmance - Family - Friends - Authority Figures seem ripe for ' Going On Auto Pilot ' . Needing to : ' Look Good ; Take Cerdit and Be Right ' surpress Expressions of our Authentic Selves !


2. Thinking that thoughts/ideas that our Minds have . Mean we have to turn them into ' Strongly Held Beliefs ' to prove our Convictions/Ideaologies/Faiths .


3. The Battle of the Sex's ' and other 'ISM's drive many entrenched Illusions. The millenia of genetic Procreation Programming - Tribal Instincts are perhaps more The Tyrant . At least with more understanding it's clearer we're In This Together !


1. My Devotion and spiritual path


2. Solid financial security base


3. Consistent reinvention of myself for productive future


4. New Circles of Influence


5. Ability to adapt to CHANGE rapidly


1. The ability to let go of negative thoughts like guilt and fear


2. The ability to see the humorous side of the "bad" stuff in life


3.The ability to communicate to others how to do #1 and #2


1. Achieve ultimate health, lose the wt. get the body working at 100%


2. Find something to do that would make me wildly happy like in the rhelm of music, or service, or project, or something I have never thought of...(I have some Ideas)


3. Finally get a grip on Forgiveness



1. Physical Health and Wellbeing


2. Emotional Health and Enlightenment


3. Sharing, Caring and Participating in Life with significant relationships, namely, a spouse or significant other, my own children, and at least one best friend.


1. Leaving a legacy, a body of work that makes a difference, is beneficial to many, and provides a platform for further development.


2 . Effective and empowering Relationships with family and friends


3. Inventing new and interesting areas of inquiry and integrating that knowledge into a wisdom based way of being.

1.more constant relationship with the creator of the universe


2. selfless service to others


3. managing my time better


Humility - This is what a couple worked on together


1. Communication on an ongoing evolutionary scale! This may take several smaller levels for some, and major milestones for others.


2. Completion of projects and goals. This should allow some rest periods before starting the growth cycle again.


3. Coming out of one's comfort zones and entering into safe zones to allow growth and discovery of the ever changing self.



1. listening


2. stopping and taking a beat before responding


3. and realizing that I am not the center of the solar system



1. Loving others


2. Being loved by others


3.Fulfillment seems more like a goal than a destination.


1. An ability to let FUN lead your actions. to choose to find the fun side of everything...or to make everything fun (for yourself, certainly, but it's also fun to help make it fun for other people if they're open to it...and if it's fun for others as well, it will perpetuate the fun in you and so on, YET! knowing how to temper that to be appropriate within any given context is key.


2. An ability to let LOVE work in partnership with fun. Leading with your heart in the right place lets things be fun (and others be receptive to it). When you choose to see the opportunity in things instead of the closed doors...or to find the humor available in any given moment instead of dwelling on the bad parts, and act according to that frame of mind, it will improve your experience of any given moment. keeping your expectations low but hopes high, you don't pressure the world to conform to your demands, but invite into your experience those who want to offer what you'd prefer. there's something to that old adage "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar". In other words, love begets love. (And just a note to make a differentiation) i would bet that it's the unhappy people out there who are unable to see this unless it manifests itself the way they want/expect it to. these are the people who would say things like, "but i love her...and if love begets love, then she should love me back!".


3. An ability to find a proper BALANCE in anything...or rather, everything.


1. .Put my self judgments and how i think others see me completly to the side and charge forward


2. Discpline in managing personal time


3. Discipline in managing personal space



1. Communication is key in all life fulfilling foundations,coupled with that notion is the ability to hear and get the communication as well as to respond in a timely loving manner.


2. Creating the safe place for the interaction that will grow transformation as well as support who we are in the now without recourse. Thus allowing or transition to become more seamless, more natural, more loving and focused.


3. Allowing the time to heal and grow. Everyone is unique and has their own timetable.


We can gauge our loving responses by the amount of time we are willing to give our partners, friends and family members. The time to heal and grow is criticle. Sometimes that means letting go of certain relationships in order to allow that growth to happen. All of this needs to be non controlling and fueled by unselfish love.



1. Being more communicative and projecting my thoughts in a broader way.


2. Not to be so incredibly independent and opening up to reliable assistance and support.


3. Less procrastination and more going forward with all personal projects.




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