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Honor Loyaly Duty Faith What is the mentoring process?


Life experience is a mandatory part of one's collective wisdom, humility and grace. It is one of those things that cannot be short cut. Therefore we are faced with two possibilities: experiencing life, or experiencing life with someone with life experience. The latter is what we call a mentor.


If you want to have the best experience within the awakening process, it helps to have a mentor who has walked a similar path as yours. You are best served by someone who has a deep understanding of the human condition and knowledge of spiritual law and "the rules of humanity" to achieve optimum living. You would never scale Mt. Everest without a guide or Sherpa, nor should you scale the awakening process without a guide. It is my desire to see you grow at the fastest possible rate that you can, and as independently as you can; what I call "the speed of love'.


To break the awakening process down, I see it as divided into two basic components. The first is examining the sum of your life experience, how you have perceived your experience, and what decisions you made from these experiences. This is called one's "personal paradigm of life."


The second component is mapping your life experience on the totality of the human condition; this is what we all share in common. For example, we all hurt, we all make similar assumptions that are erroneous, we all are driven by fear until we learn to be driven by love, we all blame, we all have a dark side, we all lie, we all have a need to accepted, to belong, we all yearn for certain things, and the list goes on and on. This is one's "collective paradigm of life."


We want you to grow as fast as possible...


Part of the awakening process involves comparing the personal paradigm with the collective paradigm, and filling in what is not yet complete or visible to you. These are called "blind spots." You cannot impact what you cannot see and what you cannot see, dominates your life. The mentoring process is designed to help you become aware of what you do not know you do not know, AKA blind spots. In other words, you know what you know.


Perhaps you are adept at mechanics, fashion, history or science. You also know what you don't know, such as quantum entanglement, string theory, physics or geology. It is what you don't know you don't know that dominates your life, it can lead to chaos. It is metaphoric to a puppy crossing a freeway. It doesn't know it doesn't know that cars are crossing at 70 MPH; it's completely oblivious to the danger because it doesn't know what it doesn't know. There are many things we don't know we don't know, and when pointed out, our whole world opens up to seeing what we couldn't see before, allowing new freedoms, opportunity and potential into your life.


Most everything around Love Now and awakening are already within us and self contained, they just need to be pointed out. For example, look at the FEDEX logo. Do you see the arrow?




Up until now you likely have not noticed the arrow, but now that it is pointed out to you, you clearly see it and now you always will. There are many things that if pointed out, change how you see the world and how you live and love. This new "insight" will profoundly impact and change your life. These things are clearly there and always have been, but they are not seen based on normal "logic." Once pointed out around Love Now, you will experience quantum shifts in your perspective and how you live your life. Additionally because you see, you will be able to see more. The heart can see and act upon what the ego cannot see and act upon. Remember, there are always two ways to view life and love: from the new perspective of your heart or from your default perspective of your ego. As your "guide", I am here to point out how to see from the heart as you practice living from your heart more and more each day.





We have a saying, "what we are not aware of, runs us." There are many laws of love, and if we're not aware of them, we stay stuck in a limited paradigm. Most people stay stuck in their limited paradigm of life. This is what Henry David Thoreau meant when he said, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." Most people do not know how to access the requisite paradigm shifts required for them to "sing their song." Consequently, they cannot experience the totality of the beauty of life, because the ego is incapable. The mentoring process is designed to discover the things you are not aware of, to open up your world to the profound beauty and design that is always there, waiting for you to see! This is how you grow at the speed of love and sing your song.


What "qualifies" myself and others to assist you? It is the result of three components: life experience, thousands of hours of education, training, learning, research of the sciences and the teachings of our contemporary and ancient masters, and having unlimited access to some of the most amazing and brilliant mentors of our time, whom I deeply love and adore today.


As part of the "Love Now community, which I hope you join, I "sing my song" with my three amazing sons and Lori, my beautiful, awake and conscious wife. We harmonize daily with very beautiful, brilliant, open hearted people who also "sing their song" beautifully. It is a community of people who value authentic love and growth. We are all committed to one another growing at the speed of love, and I invite you to play, grow and sing your song with us too.


As I said, it is powerful to have a mentor who has walked a similar path as yours. The path I am talking about is your dark side, where your ego, id, or as Carl Jung calls "the shadow" is still in charge of your life, causing "blind spots." Jung was referring to the unconsciously powered part of you mind. It consists of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, corrupted decisions, false beliefs and errant instincts that dominate our lives unless we explore their origin and heal this part of us. It is our biggest "trap" that most stay stuck in for life as they dismally exist in fear and conformity to feel "safe."


Our dark side is something that we all have in common. It acts out proportionate to how wounded we unconsciously believe we are in life and the false beliefs that malign to God's laws of Providence. Until we are clear and become conscious of how these wounds unconsciously run our lives, we exist as "reaction machines", frequently triggered into knee jerk reactions that create chaos in our lives and relationships. Our "dark side" is a part of us that we must examine in order to cross over to our healed and healthy loving hearts to finally "dominate" our lives instead of our wounded egos. This is a part of the human experience our community has a great deal of personal experience in. This understanding helps get to the "heart" of the "dark matter" in us, so we can bring it up to a conscious understanding, eliminate the "blind spots" and free you up to sing your song!




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The dark side is an important and integral part of everyone's journey. It is part of the "collective paradigm of life." We all go through it, and some do more than others. There is a saying that no one escapes childhood unscathed. Here you will find a perspective and learn all about your dark side journey; how it unconsciously dominates you and how to heal and get beyond it. You will embrace an "observer's" perspective, so you proactively respond instead of react. You will experience rapid healing and soon you will celebrate each day living in the light side of Love Now. There is such beauty of this, because when you shift, your loved ones do too; this is part of "The Miraculous" flooding you life.


I revere the depth of this quote by Elie Wiesel, "No one is as capable of gratitude as one who has emerged from the kingdom of night." As a young man, I acted out in the dark side intensely. There is little I have not done or witnessed in this desolate realm. I was reared by angry, violent, addicted parents who tried to cope and basically did the best they could with what little they knew; which was very little around the laws of love.


Consequently as a kid, I experienced from my parents, violence, verbal abuse, divorce, addiction, smoking, inconsistent behaviors, abandonment, etc. I grew up fast with a rebellion rarely matched. I demanded to become an emancipated minor at age thirteen because I couldn't remain around my father's violence and abuse. Instead of emancipation, I was put in foster care which made me even more rebellious and out of control. It was to the point that my caregivers were close to throwing away the key. I have written a few memoirs of my upbringing which you can read by clicking on "The Journey" at the top of this page. I assure you that you will find it quite riveting.


I started pulling out of my rebellion around nineteen after I desperately sought out my third mentor who began to teach me the value of ethics (the first two could not contain me but demonstrated unconditional love). A few years later I met Lori, my life-long friend and college sweetheart, and fell in love. A few years later, we married and brought all of our hurts, hang-ups, dysfunctions, fears, and false beliefs into our relationship. Meanwhile, my next mentor taught me business and social skills, but knew nothing about "love, sex, marriage, family" skills.


Consequently, the union between Lori and me revolved around two young people behaving as an unstoppable force meeting an immovable barrier and together, we rapidly devolved to blame, addictions, pushing boundaries, contempt, jealousy, mistrust, anger, hurt and abuse. We had about as bad of a problem filled marriage as possible, with children in tow.


I realized how this was not serving us or those around me. I looked around and saw that many other couples also experienced their share of the dark side clashes too. I knew that there was another way to live that yielded intimacy, resolution, passion, grace, and joy. However I did not seem to have the ability to resolve my differences alone; nor did Lori.


Prayer from a trusting heart is very different than a fearful mind.


After several years of insanity and watching a few friends divorce, Lori and I were actually voted by our friends as the couple "least likely to survive (today, we are the only ones who did stay together). I knew I had to become very knowledgeable at loving powerfully. As a result, Lori and I studied religion, philosophy, psychology, theology, history, physics, and quantum mechanics. We learned from Dr. Stephen Covey, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Rick Warren, Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, The Dali Lama, John Townsend, Dr. Michael Beckwith and many others.


We dedicated thousands of hours of training in Landmark Education, The Hoffman Institute, The Sterling Institute of Relationship, The Twelve Step Program, PLA, Design for Living and others. In business we were under the guise of T.E.C and Dr. Bob Shank.


As we progressed, we realized the value of mentors. We also realized that while seeking mentors, mentors sought us too. This is an example of the "The Miraculous", an aspect of the law of attraction" that occurs when your intent is noble, pure and from the heart. As a result, we were personally mentored by the founders of the Transformational and Personal Development Movement. God's law of Providence provided amazing mentors such as Jack Rafferty, Dr. Robert Gahn, Royce Morales, and many others who held a generous, open door and open heart policy with us. These generous masters showed an unconditional love towards Lori and me as two pure hearted, hungry young people whose hearts remained open and as humble as possible for what we knew.


When Lori and I had major breakdowns in our marriage, we were always a phone call or a visit away from clarity, truth and centering. We used that life-line judiciously in our earlier years and it was a deep comfort. This is what the "Love Now" community holds for you too. Our mentors stuck with us because we vowed to listen, practice humility, stay grounded and forgive. Sometimes it took awhile to get out of blame and to take responsibility, but our mentors remained inertly patient with us until we saw our own futility. We have had about every problem and breakdown known to man. Yet we were able to work through it because of our commitment to growth and because people were there to support us. I want you to have this too, and you can.


We learned that false belief systems, our unresolved dark side and our ego driven fears cause most people to never get what they want. We learned this is why most people surrender to sad, mundane lives of quiet desperation and trading their exciting love for complacent fear. We also learned that self centered belief systems instead of "us-centered" belief systems were why "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" did not work for the droves of people clamoring for hope and resolve.


We learned that it is not what you pray for; it is "where you pray from" that counts (your heart or your ego). We learned that the prime commandment for all of us is to love ourselves, others and God. And that no matter how hard you "try", unless you have the "formula" to "Love Now", solid paradigms and support through the dark times, the beauty of life will invariably escape us. We learned that unless you link the heart to the mind, with the heart in charge and the ego in service to the heart, that wisdom, grace and insight cannot effectively take hold; it remains only information. Meaning, without the heart "in charge," you tend to remain an "intelligent parrot" with no real depth to mitigate the challenges we face on our journey. This is because with love, knowledge remains knowledge until the heart converts it to wisdom.


When you practice Love Now, the whole world that you influence is touched.


Thirty years plus later, we now pay it forward as grateful, graceful, humble, playful, joyful, living examples of implementing the timeless grace and wisdom of God and man. This is because people wiser than us with generous hearts saw a young couple with promise. They saw that we would do anything to grow in love and they mentored us to become successful in life, marriage, family, and business. We want you to do the same!


As a result of this generational experiment, together, hand in hand, we have had decades of personal development training and mentoring. Today our life is an example of living in a graceful state of Love Now. Today I live to mentor others such as yourself to live as Love Now as well. If you believe you are this committed, We want to do the same for you that was done for us.


Our life is an open book as it should be. We invite your scrutiny. We are a successful husband and wife, successful parents, successful leaders, successful friends, and successful business people who are leaving a legacy of Love. We desire to pay all of this beauty forward.


There is a saying, "change yourself; change the world". The beauty of living in Love Now is certainly evidenced by our three grown sons. They have inherited the principles of Love Now and successfully teach these principles to their friends and girlfriends, and always to us. Those who learned from them, in turn have successfully taught Love Now to their friends, their parents and so on. They are freely creating a community of people who are progressively living in the natural, content state of Love Now. As a result, our whole world has changed around us and our community is filled and growing with like hearted people who are singing their song. This is what naturally occurs when clean up our dark side to serve love and it will occur for you as well and this is a Promise.


Like falling in love, Love Now is a natural and familiar state of the human experience and therefore is easily established in any individual who wishes to seek this way of life. Just like the FEDEX arrow, the obvious needs only to be pointed out. Of course one must choose to be unstoppable around doing this natural and logical work.


We invite you to join us. After a few one on one sessions, you will embrace your cathartic "ah ha" moment with new found clarity; that's a promise. Then after examining your old beliefs, you should be sufficiently independent to begin living and loving powerfully with our inert guidance. Then you can follow up with community events to keep you growing and keep the conversation of transformation alive with people who think, act and love like you do, and who genuinely care about you.


There does not exist a person your Grace cannot transfigure.


We are committed to provide the accountability, education, transformation, opportunity, and accessible role models so you can love powerfully in your life in every way. There is no better way to live a healthy life of purpose and passion while loving and being loved.


Rumi said there doesn't exist a being your grace cannot transfigure. We truly believe that. We are part of a growing, loving community, whose collective grace is thriving and impacting others while we choose to live abundant, powerful lives. We want you part of this too; come join us today.




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Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Join Us

Every single person can benefit by understanding the fundamentals of the single most misunderstood word on this planet. This word is L-O-V-E.


We all have a most important job to do; it is our "soul" purpose: to help others embrace the definition of love, and discover love's power to transform. This is because the word and concept of love has a many definitions and concepts as there are people. This creates confusion and failed expectations in one another. As a result, we ongoingly experience a global breakdown in communication. Whether it is between a young couple, or between two countries, this breakdown has availed us for the millenniums. We are committed to disseminating a global definition of love that is understood and accepted by society as a whole.


We are not referring to a whimsical definition, but rather the timeless, irrefutable definition, best said in my opinion by one of my greatest mentors of all, Apostle Paul. He wrote, "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love seeks the truth. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."


We are also committed to creating in every community, living archetypes that match the definition of transparent love. Archetypes who are living examples of leadership; who base their lives on the timeless principles of love for others to emulate; real heroes with an open door, open heart policy that will leave a timeless legacy of love for generations to come.


Love never fails.


Our lives prosper when we all agree on the definition of love and then practice what we agree on. Powerful intimacy happens when we love without our old beliefs and fears in the way to sabotage them. "The Miraculous" naturally ensues when we dump our obsolete beliefs and eliminate our reactionary hang-ups that displaces love. This is how we thrive and experience abundance where it matters most; in our hearts.


Meanwhile we playfully love and share our transparent intimacy with others. We have given up our positions and attachments to our past. We can now observe ourselves when we blame and mistrust and then rapidly take responsibility for our actions to make things whole again. We love simply because that is what we are designed to do within the human experience. Then we sing our song!


And when we love according to these simple spiritual laws of love, we abundantly thrive. We cannot help it. Just like a plant cannot help but abundantly thrive with proper sunlight, soil and water, we cannot help but abundantly thrive when we align with God's Providence of love.


Become aligned with the spiritual laws of love that God designed for us all to follow and to powerfully Love Now.


Please join us; you are so welcome.


Call anytime; the conversation is priceless...


God, family, friends,


Honor Loyaly Duty FaithRTB

Robert Bohen



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