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To thrive and live an inspired life requires a specific type of love. It is a mature love, often referred to as "Agape" love, meaning "to be in a "state of wonder or amazement".


Please allow us the honor of helping fill your cup.


This advanced level of love requires a life shift from a "me" centered perspective to an "us" centered perspective. It means truly seeing yourself as "a child of God" while embracing the laws of love with a deep compassion for yourself and others.


There is a caveat to this; your ego cannot do this and your heart must be trained and aligned with God's laws. People can only love like this to the degree that they love themselves from their heart, and they will sabotage the others parts of their life. It is the simple law of cause and effect. This sabotage may appear as an angry divorce, a resigned life of quiet desperation, blame, resentment, being a victim, and anything in between.


To live each day at the next level of powerful love begins with defining love, knowing God's spiritual laws and finding your purpose.


Hand in hand, we will examine your life; where you are aligned within the laws of love and where you may require directions and attention.

This discovery is a very healing process and the journey of a lifetime. When you practice living in alignment while serving the purpose born of your heart, one that deeply inspires you and ultimately others, everything shifts. This quantum alignment unleashes "The Miraculous" in your life. Meaning, "the more you love, the more you can love."


As a result, your cup cannot help but miraculously overflow onto those around you. By your example, their cups will soon overflow on to others as, and back to you as well, full circle. This is called "The Cycle of Abundance", the miraculous force of Providence and "Love Now."


Although not obvious, God's truth is always simple: Find the love within, love others from a full cup, live a life inspired within your purpose, honor God's love, and you thrive. This is spiritual law.


Isn't it time for you to live inspired? To the fullest potential of love? Joyfully living your purpose each day? What would that look like?


"Love Now" begins with the heart's self love, humility, and a purpose discovered from the gifts in your heart. My promise is that you experience your birthright of "The Miraculous" by finding alignment with God's laws of Providence, your purpose and lasting contentment, and that you experience this more and more every day.


God, family, friends,

Honor Loyalty Duty Faith

Robert Bohen



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To Love Now


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Honor Loyalty Duty Faith Getting to Love, Now


Have you ever been "in love"? If so, you were likely buzzing, in a "high frequency state of being" that felt so wonderfully natural. Perhaps you thought, "this is the way life was meant to be!"


You were likely filled with joy, connection, belonging and contentment. The world seemed to be a beautiful place, it was colorful, euphoric, alive and positive. You felt open, approachable, everyone seemed kindred to you; a world full of potential brothers and sisters to celebrate your life with. You felt upbeat, confident, connected, tolerant, compassionate, patient and lit up about the future. Then somehow, it slowly faded back into the din of life.


Question: If you have experienced this high state of being before, you already know that you are capable of re-experiencing this state of being again; you've clearly proven that you are capable. So why don't you learn to live within this state most of the time?


Perhaps you don't believe that it is possible to be in a loving, high frequency state of being most days of your life, but it is. In fact, you are spiritually designed to live this way. Of course we're still constrained by our humanity and we'll always have "off moments", but with practice, the majority of your days can consistently be lived upbeat, confident, connected, tolerant, compassionate, patient and lit up about the future.


Learn to be in love ongoingly...


A mentor once described being aware or basic consciousness as, "we are conscious when we recognize our humanity and take responsibility for it. " If I may interpret, he meant, "Accept your humanity, remembering that you are a loving, spiritual being living in a human body. So live at that potential, and clean up your messes as fast as possible when you forget that you are a loving, spiritual being."


This is a very free, miracle filled, responsible way to live. Each day is the conscious practice of being a more and more loving and transparent person towards yourself, others and God's love. The degree that you live your life from this place is proportionate to the degree that you experience joy, contentment, purpose and a sense of belonging in your life.


Being "in love" should never have to "fade away." Beginning with your own heart, the state of being "in love" is an inside-out, normal state of being for the Awakened being. When you remove your default ego based barriers that normally eclipse love and align with God's laws, you naturally experience Love, Now. It is the normal default of the heart centered being. The challenge we all face is that we default as ego centered beings and we must undo this. We undo this when we replace false beliefs that are not proactive, learn the laws of love and practice "being on a fearless and consistent basis.




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Eventually "Love Now" becomes your default "frequency", where living and loving from your heart becomes invisibly second-nature to you. So much so, that when you are not in a loving state, you immediately sense that something is amiss. This becomes an opportunity to accept responsibility for your humanity, examine what was "triggered" within you, look for the blind spot, apologize if needed, and then quickly return to "home", back to Love, Now. Again, "the journey is home, and home is the journey." Think about it; it is good thing to consistently be "home" in your heart, comfortable, nurtured and relaxed, wherever you may journey.


Being "home" wherever you are creates further alignment in your life because you are aligning with the simple laws of love. The more you align, the more you will increasingly experience joy, connection, belonging and contentment. As a result, the world becomes a far more beautiful place. Can you believe this? Are you willing to give up any barriers that may interfere with this powerful belief?


Being in love every day is natural.


Life always mirrors back our deepest fears, beliefs and thoughts; this is very powerful paradox. Life will consistently provide us with ample evidence that our beliefs are true. As a result, those who believe that the world is a hostile place and lacking in love, will find exactly such mirrored back. Those who believe that the world is a beautiful place and filled with love, will find exactly such mirrored back.


It is a fascinating paradox, both believe they are correct, and from their point of view, they both are. Yet, as a result of teach one's belief, one may live a full, love filled life of beauty and joy, and the other may live in emptiness, filled with cynical desperation.


Two people look out the window; one sees stars and the other sees dirt. So why is it that two people can look out of a window and one will see stars, beauty, love and possibility, and the other will see dirt, fear and resignation? Why will they both be able to supply genuine evidence to support their beliefs?


Love now fills our home and cars!


The answer is correct for both because the Universe is basically a "quantum mirror" that says "yes" to your deepest, darkest beliefs. This quantum mirror will amply provide you with all of the evidence to validate that what you believe is correct. It is a supreme and powerful law that decrees whatever you permit your wounded fears to focus on, you attract, and whatever you permit your healed to heart focus on, you attract.


This quantum mirror will consistently "prove" the validity of your deepest fears and simultaneously interfere with your most noble desires. In other words, consistent visceral fear cancels out fleeting noble desire. Within the human experience, this why most people struggle instead of thrive.


This is why it is so important to heal what is behind the fears within you. You have to get to the source! This is the first thing we work on together. It appears that God designed this stunning Universe to flood those who focus on love, grace, compassion and healing with "The Miraculous." It also appears that God designed this stunning Universe to exacerbate struggle with those who don't until they do. This doesn't mean that calamity does not occur to those who are in alignment; such things are intrinsic to the human experience. It means we deal with things with far less "drama", trust, objectivity and without a victim mentality.


Nature rarely struggles, but people always do, why?


So here is a question to ponder: if in fact the Universe abundantly mirrors back your deepest beliefs and fears, why not believe in something profoundly beautiful and heal? Why not give up self defeating stories about your past and learn to deeply love yourself, others and God, with reckless, joyful, child like abandon, so you live at a high frequency that yields daily wonder, abundance and promise?


Why not put your energy towards what it takes to thrive instead of survive? Today you finally have resources to do exactly that! Many people seem to barely survive, meanwhile every other life form thrives on this planet with mere basics such as sunlight, food, water and shelter.


Angela of Foligno said, "Water does not struggle to flow. Grass does not struggle to grow. Wind does not struggle to blow. Rain does not struggle to fall. Sun does not struggle to shine. Earth does not struggle to rotate. Flowers do not struggle to bloom. Struggle is truly unnatural." So why don't people naturally thrive?


So what is the difference between other forms of life and the human experience? The answer is our "sentience" or consciousness. The human experience comes with a vague sense of awareness and a fearful, manipulative, illogical, "chatter box" between our ears that is filled with judgment and basically terrified of pain and the unknown; silly us! As a result, so many people struggle to survive because they believe that they are the "chatter box." Most people are "duped" into believing that life is filled with fear, loneliness, separation, perils, "not enough" and struggle, and according to the "Quantum Mirror" they find sufficient evidence to be 100% correct.


We are born with an illogical "chatter box" full of fear; silly us!


So what are your deepest beliefs? The answers are fairly obvious. Look at your life so far. Your life thus far is the sum of your beliefs and unresolved fears that is evidenced by "repeating patterns." How are you doing? What have you cultivated? What to you repeat every year? How are your relationships to date? Career to date? Health? Self esteem? Faith? Are you doing what you always wanted to do? How free are you to just be yourself? Are you content? Excited? Fearful? Do you trust? Are you filled with wonder about tomorrow or is it just another mundane day? Do you experience abundance or scarcity? What is your default "mood"?


Whatever results that you are cultivating in your life are likely the reflections of either your unmitigated fears and false beliefs or your healed heart that celebrated God's love. Whatever patterns or events in your life that recur, for better or worse, indicate your unconscious beliefs. It is very important to examine your unconscious beliefs and the source of them to make sure they are serving your life in the way that you desire. Remember, your unconscious beliefs will override your conscious beliefs. This is why we must get to the source!


To sacrifice what you are and to live with mediocre beliefs, that is a fate more terrible than dying..


This is something that is very, very "insidious." The beliefs that we are not aware of, or that we have "normalized", are what have the most power to "sabotage" our lives. Together we will dig deep to bring these beliefs to your conscious level so you can be fully responsible, effective and victorious for what you "cultivate" so you thrive.


Just remember that for now, self deprecating beliefs such as "I'm not good enough", "I'm unlucky", "I'm not good with money" or "I'm unsuccessful with relationships", and others, impact everything you do in unseen and insidious ways. Our work together is to examine these beliefs and render them inert. Or as I like to say, "Convert them to back to love and compassion."


Most people are driven by false fear based beliefs that lead to quiet desperation, resignation and mediocrity. I cherish Joan of Arc, who said "To sacrifice what you are and to live with mediocre beliefs, that is a fate more terrible than dying." Love, Now is a belief truly worth living for that leaves a legacy for our children's children to emulate.


Are your beliefs cultivating beauty and joy in your life to your satisfaction? If not, perhaps it is time to examine your beliefs. Especially the ones you are not aware of, or normalized. It is also quite important to surround yourself with people who celebrate life and understand how belief systems impact our lives. Commit to become fully supportable to believe that everything in this beautiful world has amazing gifts to offer your heart because it's true.

People heal practicing Love Now...

Lori and I are learned students who have been mentored by the masters who pioneered the study of belief systems. We have been taught how to live in an ongoing state of mature love and to find solid evidence of beautiful love, beautiful people and a beautiful world. We wish to do for you what others did for us.


We believe that we are all here to help each other actualize, realize, and master our gifts, talents, greatness, dreams, and visions so we can be examples of love for others. I believe that we are here to strengthen and support each other's healing and mastery of loving ourselves, others and God without limitation.


When you Love without limits, you experience life as it was meant to be; to be consistently filled with joy, connection, belonging and contentment. When you love full out or Love Now, your primary "purpose" is invariably revealed around your own infinite potential to grow your heart and mind while using humility, grace and love as the benchmark to serve yourself, others and God.




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A person without clear knowledge of their life's purpose is a person who will experience directionless degrees of depression, futility, desperation and fear. This is why first and foremost, the mentoring process quickly examines your belief systems while finding your purpose. Then we map this onto the backplane of proven spiritual laws and timeless wisdom so you begin living and loving powerfully forever more.


Once your initial false beliefs are examined, healing rapidly occurs as a cathartic, "ah ha!". As a result, deeper, core issues that are still in the way of loving powerfully become more obvious to examine, then to be healed. Nature cannot exist in a vacuum, therefore as you heal, you replace old beliefs with a more constructive belief system and the "Quantum Mirror" reflects that. As a result, a natural default of well being, abundance and belonging naturally takes hold in your life. It is all part of "Awakening"; which is a natural experience as you remove the barriers that have rendered you less awake.


Joy, connection, belonging and contentment are to be experienced daily.


As a result, a natural, the child-like, spontaneity is reborn in you. A new found trust in life, self, others and God is reborn. Chronic illness dissipates; addictions and depression are lifted; and a new found clarity occurs in your life. You develop a newfound excitement and a purpose in your heart. Things that once held you back or confused you, evaporate as clarity is replaced.


Your new found love let's you see normal things in extraordinary ways, creating a renewed imagination and creativity. The key point is "new found", because this love is already within you! It's just waiting to come out! Love Now is our beautiful, natural default when we stop fearing and start loving as we were truly intended to do in our lives.


In summary, Love Now is the simple process of clearing up one's past, reconciling one's future, then allowing an individual to truly love full out in each moment that unfolds before them. In this very moment of "Now", the core purpose of life itself is experienced and lived. This core purpose is to Love and be loved, and to continuously improve on such. Life is meant to be simple!


Live and love an extraordinary life. Practice Love Now!


Having established a track record of "living on purpose", we then examine your natural gifts, skills and talents. We then develop a practice to have you consistently and freely express these gifts, skills and talents for the service of yourself, others and God's love. What I find beautiful, is when you do the right thing, there are no consequences; but when you do the loving thing, there are no limits.


When you live life with clarity and the pure intent of your heart, your cup will naturally overflow with free flowing abundance and well being. This is called "The Miraculous." As a result of finding your purpose, you will enjoy an ever increasing and infinite state of Love Now that sums up Brian Henke's quote, "With love we can make infinity worth imagining."


You will then seek to "pay it forward" so others experience what you have experienced. They too, will Awaken. Then they too will seek to pay it forward, and a community who's common belief of Love Now will continue to flourish and create a beautiful place for you, others and your children's, children.


When you change you, you change the world...


Begin this today. You are always most welcome.


God, family, friends,


Honor Loyaly Duty FaithRTB

Robert Bohen



Change you Change the world

© 2017 Robert Bohen - Love always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres. Love never fails.

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