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Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Happiness is difficult to find within ourselves, yet impossible to find anywhere else...


I’ve spent my life exploring the hearts and lives of people who shine brightly. Many times I have been awe struck and humbled at the insights and experience of these wise and unique, gifted and special people. This has resulted in countless blessings, miracles, growth, life changing paradigm shifts, mentors and extraordinary friendships. The sum of these interviews, thousands of hours of training, research, and subsequent epiphanies have congealed into a lucid understanding of the Human Experience and the Laws of Providence.


Many years ago I ran into a rather gruff old gentleman whose heart shined to me, so I asked him to have breakfast with me. After ordering our meal and a bit of small talk, I asked him if he was happy. He snorted almost angrily, “Hell no, I’m not happy! Are you nuts?” I was a little confused and a little put off, but intrigued. I was thinking that perhaps I had I misread this man’s shining heart (it happens). Before I could collect my thoughts, he quickly barked, “But I am content, Son!” He then explained to me with precise eloquence, “People have it all wrong; they look outside of themselves expecting to find happiness while they futilely chase this fleeting and elusive emotion called happiness. This quest for happiness only ensures a perpetual sense of disappointment in their life because happiness is not sustainable!


He further lamented, “We live in illusions, but more importantly…..we live in the illusion that we are what we feel instead of what we are committed to; and that…” (he paused with a lump in his throat….) “is a large reason for humanity’s stunted growth.” Then his voice kicked up with passion and said, “Emotions are fleeting; happiness is like a drug; sadness is like a drug. These emotions come and go and wear off just as fast! Babies are born, people die, weddings happen and funerals occur.” He carried on saying, “This is life…… This is simply life happening and you are here to find contentment.


Then he mused, “During these life experiences, I feel fleeting moments of happiness or sadness; yet regardless of how I feel, I’m content!” I was all ears as he locked eyes with me and then said in a low voice, “What’ll wipe out that contentment in a heartbeat… is spiritual complacency, lack of gratitude, and my own runaway thoughts.” Next he reflected to himself and calmly said, “This is why I fall to my knees every day in pure gratitude, while praying and meditating with God for guidance, insight, humility and wisdom.


I was speechless, trying to soak in the wisdom of his words. This felt right. Part of me acted like I fully understood as I stared back, but I didn’t REALLY FULLY get it. After a minute I asked, “What did you mean about your thoughts?” The man said, “Oh that… I stopped listening to the voice between my ears a long time ago because it tries to tell me that I’m flawed and inadequate instead of a beautiful loving child of God.


Wow… he was serious! That man had no idea how much he changed the course of my life right then and there. I fell to my knees that night and I have never stopped. From that day forward I knew that I’d never live in the illusion of looking outside for happiness and solace again. Instead I’ll readjust my awareness inside… to the compassion, love, and contentment that was always there… and always will be. To the part that’s… me, my heart. Instead I’ll begin to intimately develop a relationship with my heart and figure out how to commune with God or whoever created me for guidance (I really had no clue at the time about whom or what God was to me).


This daily practice rapidly helped me awaken my heart, detach from “life happening to me,” and I began to stop listening to the non-stop chattering voice between my ears that tries to tell me that I am frightened, unworthy and inadequate. Life began to happen through me and the Miraculous flow of Abundance began to flood my life. There is nothing mystical here; I merely began to align to spiritual law by doing what he said.


Over ten years later, my life has exploded because of a collection of experiences like this from asking questions. This is God speaking to us through others; this is God's Providence. Always listen for God's whisper through others!


Honor Loyaly Duty Faith You have alot to be thankful for because of what you have already accomplished.


The biggest challenge we all face is that the ego can never experience love compared to the heart's experience and we always use our egos first. This is because to first use the ego instead of our heart to find fulfillment is the default of the human experience.


Literally everyone whom I have met with has accomplished so much more towards achieving Love Now than they realize or give themselves credit for. This is because like moths to a flame, seeking authentic, God created love is an instinctive quest. This is why we try so many things in life to find fulfillment and along the way, we learn, in spite of thinking we're not. We are always the last person to see us grow!


Each "mistake" we make brings us that much closer to "success" as long as we don't quit. This is because we are spiritually "syntropic" (ascending in consciousness). We know with certainty that every human being has accomplished key components around of the laws of love and it is a matter of filling in the gaps. That’s why the first thing we do is take an inventory of you have accomplished around Love Now. Then we look for what needs to be yet examined. The mentoring process of Love Now is organized and methodical to produce predictable results in your life. Our protocol explores and examines how effectively your life is aligned with God's elegant and unalterable laws of Providence.


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In summary, there are two realms of "reality" in the human experience and both are governed by laws. One realm is physics (empirical and entropic); the other is metaphysics (intuitive and syntropic), and the laws appears to mirror each other. They are not opposite, they mirror, and once we see that, it is obvious what we need to do. We live in an elegant, closed, regenerating, self-healing universe. The illusion is the belief that what we need to be complete is outside of us.


All the love we need exists fully within us and removing the barriers reveals everything we need to thrive. in metaphysics, Love is a master law called Providence, whereas gravity is a master law in physics. The master law of gravity is simple, well-known and long-accepted. We all believe that if you jump out of a window, you will fall every time. However, there are sub-laws of gravity that will allow you to NOT fall. By learning and obeying the sub-laws, you can fly, glide, or float.


For example the "Bernoulli principle" explains how you are able to fly by using three sub-laws: thrust, lift and drag. An airplane is an example of the practical utilization of these sub-laws. Another example is the "buoyancy principle" that allows you to float something up in the air as long as it is lighter than an equal volume of the air around it. A hot air balloon is an example of this sub-law at work. Delicately, all sub-laws must be in operation for an airplane or hot air balloon to take flight and stay in the air. If you eliminate any one sub-law of gravity, such as thrust, you may plummet to the ground.


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The same concepts and similar sub-laws apply within the metaphysical realm when we refer to the laws of Love. Eliminate any one sub-law and things won’t work as one would hope. Most people are adept at some of the sub-laws of Love. Try as they might around Love, many people experience soaring Love and then "crash" in the middle of trying so hard, because they may not know or be able to adhere to the sub-laws that exist to ensure Love’s successful outcome.



Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Never put off mastering Love! It's the soul purpose for the human experience.


Like a puppy wandering on a freeway, the consequences of not knowing and mastering the sub-laws of love are problematic. Most people don't even know they need to implement certain sub-laws and they still try to fly. This lack of knowledge causes people to struggle, suffer or get run over for generation after generation. Our children depend on us to teach them love, but we cannot teach what we do not know.  So we teach them what we think love is. It is time to change this once and for all, and this begins with you and me.


Most of us have inaccurate, incomplete or a convoluted knowledge of love and demonstrate inconsistencies through our words and actions. If you have children, learning and utilizing Love, Now principles can impact their lives in miraculous ways. These principles are practical, and are guaranteed to yield positive results because they have to; it’s law!


No one falls in love by choice, it is by CHANCE No one stays in love by chance, it is by WORK. No one falls out of love by chance, it is by CHOICE.


A most effective way to absorb Love, Now is to participate as a family. Couples together should also participate.  Friends should participate. The whole world should participate This is because when you learn together, it becomes more powerful and compelling because it is easier to keep the knowledge alive though the spoken word. Two conscious people are a far more powerful force of love than one. Lori and I have co-learned and co-taught each other a great deal for over thirty years. As a result of speaking and living this understanding, our children absorbed it. Our very presence cultivated a great love that will impact generations and yours will too.



Honor Loyaly Duty FaithA safe place to drop your guard and grow the real you...


Initially the mentoring process takes only a few sessions to fill in the missing sub-laws to awaken your heart to take charge of your life. After your heart awakens, there is a sort of "re-birth", a massive shift in context around your life. This means that you become very conscious of Love Now because it was in you already, but you are still a "newbie" at living Love Now powerfully. Like a child, you must learn to walk, talk, etc. You wouldn't expect to fly a plane or a hot air balloon alone after few hours of training, right? You would count on someone next to you with experience so you learn properly and safely. Living a new life of Love, Now is far more effective if you have have a seasoned mentor inspiring you.


It is also nice to have life-long mentors who have learned your nuances and who genuinely love and care for your success too. In the beginning, it is especially nice having a seasoned mentor right next to you so you don't drop out any more sub-laws. We also know that "life happens" after five PM and on weekends, so don't worry. We’ll always pick up the phone if you are in breakdown with a situation. We ant to walk you through it so you become good at real time resolution. It takes an admirable level of practice and consciousness to clean up your messes and get back to Love, Now in real time.


Remember, we are all born to learn and teach love; every single one of us. To resist this causes problems; it is spiritual law. When we are not learning and teaching love, and when we are "incomplete" in the sub-laws" of Love, Now, we will invariably experience some form of drama, depression or malaise. In fact, we are bio-engineered to experience these darker emotions as "barometers" to let us know that we are out of alignment with a sub-law of love in our life. It sure helps to have a mentor mirror back that knowledge back to you continue to grow at the "speed of love."


Remember, your heart "awakening" and your "rebirth" infers starting anew. New habits must be learned and practiced while your fresh, new way of seeing life is normalized. This part takes time and practice and this is where mentors and community is so powerful. We all need a safe community of like minded people where we be authentic and hone the sub-laws while "messing up" safely. The many gifts of an awakened community is that we are always available to you.



Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Call us today... Love Now.


If you believe that you would like to become part of a community that practices Love, Now so you ultimately become an inspiration for your family and community, call today so you can begin the amazing journey "home" to Love Now.


It is the journey of a lifetime...


You are so welcome!


God, family, friends,


Honor Loyaly Duty FaithRTB

Robert Bohen


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Celebrate the miracle of love!



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