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We understand your ego. We know how it thinks, feels and how to turn it into a faithful friend and loyal servant to your life, for the rest of your life.




As a result of healing your ego and your heart cracking open, pain, uncertainty and depression are replaced with purpose, belonging and a true sense of peace and trust about life. This is because we are all are governed by physical and spiritual laws. We are either more aligned or more MALIGNED to these laws, and our life flows accordingly.


These laws are true and immutable whether we believe them or not. And whether we believe them or not, these laws and our beliefs will impact our lives in powerfully positive or negative ways.


Consider this; as of this moment, how your life has turned out is the the sum of your alignment to these laws and your belief systems. It is highly probable that without the examination of your beliefs and further aligning to these laws, that in another ten years you will be older, but not as alive and "alove" as you truly are capable of. Are you really OK with that?


Whether your beliefs are "good or bad", true or false, your beliefs create every result in your life. Every result... and Nature is neither cruel nor kind, merely indifferent; meaning, your beliefs are either aligned or maligned with Nature's laws. And as a result, you are either creating barriers to experience Nature's beautiful and infinite abundance of love and life or you are removing the barriers.


you were perfectly bio and spiro-engineered (biologically and spiritually) by God to be slightly imperfect. This way you instinctively and eventually realize that co-creating more and more infinite ways to love with others would leave you fulfilled, purposeful and content.


Have you ever soul-searched your belief systems? How you view life, love, people, money, health, God? What you're victimized by? What you are victorious over? How you view you? How you believe others view you? There is great power in knowing what you consciously believe in.


There is even greater power in knowing what you UNCONSCIOUSLY believe in. This is because whatever UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS, whatever YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF about your life, CONTROLS YOU and is greatest reason why perhaps some parts of your life does not works as well as it could.


You go way, way, way past the shell of the person and past the "tough shell" most of us put up to protect ourselves...


Maybe you are strong in business and floundering in relationships or vise-versa. Maybe you have great self confidence in one area and feel clueless in another. Maybe you are at wits end, or maybe you just cannot see what is holding your life back so you bust out to the next level.


Often called "God's laws", there is infinite value and reward to be FULLY CONSCIOUS of, and to FULLY ALIGN your beliefs with these universal physical and spiritual laws, whether you believe there is value and reward or not. I genuinely want you to believe there is value and reward, so before you go on any further, would you please indulge me for a moment and reflect on three simple questions?


1. Did you know that human beings have at least nine senses? How many senses did you believe we have?


2. Did you know that trees and plants are not our primary source of oxygen? It's algae (cyanobacteria). One single genus called marine algae produces most of the oxygen (up to 80%); far more than every tree and plant combined! Did you believe something else?


3. Did you know that the United States Declaration of Independence was signed on August 2, 1776, not July 4th? Which date did you believe it was?





Shift Heal Grow Love


If these simple and trivial beliefs just now challenged your belief system, is it possible you may have other not-so-simple and not-so-trivial beliefs that may need to be challenged? Especially the ones that may be CONTROLLING YOU?


FACT: A life based on false beliefs can have severe consequences to your health, wellbeing and your ability to thrive and love.


So let me ask you a very serious question, because there are many, many pending miracles waiting to happen in your life. Is it possible that there just may be some CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS FALSE beliefs that may benefit you if realized this? I ask you to consider examining with us at least your beliefs that have to do with you living and loving your life to its potential.


As we grow up, we learn most of our core ethics and beliefs by age seven. Almost none of these foundational beliefs are of our own volition. Instead, regardless of how effective or dysfunctional they are, these beliefs were passed down by previous generations, government and religion, and in the last century, by the agendas of mass media and advertisers.


Then during our adolescent rebellion, we attempted to shun many of these hand-me-down beliefs, hoping to create our own. Then we realized that our own adolescent thinking was possibly flawed to optimize the pending reality of adulthood. As a result, by the time we became adults, we fell back onto, and normalized, most of these childhood beliefs into our character, because this is all that we knew.


The Promise of Providence




So there we were as young adults, with our mostly inherited "bag of tricks" to make-it-or-break-it in the world, but it was incomplete. We looked in and found some marriage, family and business tools, but large parts were incomplete, cryptic, invalid or obsolete. Some of it we realized was absolutely not true and useless in the "real world," so we struggled and coped in the incomplete areas with a sense of confidence and fear, doing the best we can while trying to look like we had it "together" with most people.


Many of us looked in the bag for God, contentment, love, trust, intimacy and happiness too, but there wasn't much of that in there at all because the generations before us were at a loss too. Whatever God and love stuff that was in there didn't seem to work on a deep visceral level for alot of folks, so we learned to cope and struggle. We ended up just like our ancestors, doing the best we can while trying to appear like we have it mostly "together."


If you think about it, most of us didn't receive the kind of guidance we needed to truly live and love powerfully. We may excel in certain areas, yet we totally flounder in other areas, especially with peace, contentment, deep, deep love and truly, viscerally, intensely and powerfully connecting to the God Source. The truth is that most of us have paid a dear price for having inadequate or false belief systems dominating and controlling our adult lives and it is time to change that for us and our off-spring forever more.


Oh yes... One more thing. Not only did we receive an inadequate "bag of tricks," we have this chatter between our ears telling us all kinds of insane things. Things like "we are truly inadequate in certain areas and we need to pretend that we are not", that we should be ashamed of ourselves, to hold grudges, to complain about not enough to go around, that either you are better than me or I am better than you and on and on. This chatter is our ego. At minimum, this judgemental chatter towards ourselves and others causes endless struggle, scarcity and problems with whom we care for. At its worst this chatter can destroy us or others with dark thoughts of violence, inadequacy, anger, retribution, greed, apathy and many other dark things.


No one falls in love by choice, it is by CHANCE No one stays in love by chance, it is by WORK. No one falls out of love by chance, it is by CHOICE.


However, at the ego's best, it can become our greatest friend and ally. It is said that the ego in charge is our greatest enemy and as a servant, our greatest friend. Why the ego behaves like an enemy is a mystery to many, but not to us. We have studied every nuance of the ego and the Human Experience for decades and we have learned how to make your ego your greatest friend and ally and this is a promise. Some affectionately call us the "Ego Whisperers." I think that is a beautiful compliment because we heal egos and help people integrate their hearts into their lives to connect with the God Source with the most breathtaking results.


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The truth is, your ego took command of your life at a young age and it is time to have your heart take command. This is because your heart knows how to lead your life and align with God's beautiful laws of Providence. When you align your beliefs with Providence, you allow the natural laws of Abundant Love to take hold in your life, and then the miracles of abundance come. These miracles are called "The Miraculous." I'm not talking about planes, automobiles and huge places; that's the ego's version of abundance. I'm talking about God's exquisite Universe providing you with more and more resources to love. For some who love powerfully, they may need planes, automobiles and huge places to pay this special "Heart Love" forward to others on a grand scale. You will soon learn that Heart love is very special and very beautiful and is completely opposite of "ego love."


One more thing... Your ego will automatically surrender to your heart's love that is following the God Source and leading your life with a powerful grace, love, generosity, trust etc. This is because your ego never wanted to be in charge, but you will learn that it felt it had to when you were a little kid, and it never stopped being in charge because it has never been given the opportunity to surrender. The truth is, your ego is exhausted, tired and burnt out. Your ego is tired of being frightened and scrambling to look good and pretend. It would much rather serve your authentic, transparent loving and true heart that knows to get its love from God. All your ego is waiting for is proof that you will make that decision to allow your heart to take command of your life. That is the simple, beautiful and eloquent truth about your life, and of course the obvious and intuitive next step for you to make.


FACT: Change Your False and Limiting Beliefs and your world will change in amazing ways...


Julius Caesar once said "the greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look." That is exactly what your ego has done. It has convinced you that the ego IS YOU. It has taught you to believe most everything it tells you. Yet if you saw someone talking to another (especially a child!) like your ego talks to you, you would clearly get fed up with the abuse and intervene and protect after a very short period of time.


Perhaps it is time to allow an "Ego Whisperer" to intervene on your behalf so you fully align to God's laws of love. We know how to communicate with your ego. We know how it thinks, why it behaves the way it does, and most important, we know how to make it your ally and a true, true friend that wholly and unconditionally wants to faithfully serve you. It is time to look within you and decide to allow your heart full command (partial doesn't cut it). This is because until your ego is tamed to follow your heart, it will act like your enemy for the rest of your days. It is locking you out of your true potential to fearlessly love and live with "The Miraculous" flooding your life with more and more ways to love each day.


Love, grace, purpose, desire, God, and everything beautiful does not happen TO US, they happen THROUGH US...


Please know that god's laws are beautiful and implicit; when you "clean up" and bring to the conscious level your false beliefs, they can no longer "control" you. The more aligned and "clean" and true your beliefs are, the more the miracles of love are unleashed in your life. These miracles are called "The Miraculous." It is a simple fact; sooner or later most people build their lives on false beliefs and accept them as true. This commonly goes on for generations, often without ever questioning these false beliefs. Then folks wonder why their life is filled with angst, depression, fear and worry instead of joy, miracles, growth, opportunity and trust.


Remember, it’s not what you pray for; it’s where you pray from. It’s not what you love for; it’s where you love from. It’s not what you work for; it’s where you work from. The God force does not happen to you; it happens THROUGH YOU. It boils down to who you are being such that you are in alignment with a pure heart and beliefs that align with God's laws.


It is the deepest, most normalized and the earliest false beliefs that have the power to be the most damaging to our lives. This is because our most noble intentions are wiped out and sabotaged by our deepest false beliefs. When you become conscious of these fear based, false beliefs and convert them to loved based, aligned beliefs, miracles ensue.


These are not an empty promises, this is spiritual law. Auditing your beliefs will create new freedoms, healing and a greater alignment with God's laws; permitting you to live a more dynamic, grounded and love filled life.

What is invisible however negatively dominates our lives.


For every one false belief you may consciously realize, you have many more unconscious beliefs that you do not realize because you have normalized them "below your radar" and they are mostly invisible to you. This is a critical part of the Human Experience and the reason behind why people sabotage their own lives even though they do not want to. Whatever unmitigated belief that remains invisible negatively dominates your life. This is why it is so critical to audit your beliefs.


Our ego provides us with frequent, conflicting beliefs that cause sabotage in our lives. For example, "I'm intelligent enough to earn a lot of money" combined with an UNCONSCIOUS belief of "Money corrupted my father, so it may corrupt me..." has the potential to cause great sabotage because that is not you saying this, that is your ego tricking you.


You can live a free and loving life filled with miracles by taming your ego and nurturing your heart. This is also your design and birthright.





Take a moment and contemplate God's perfect design. For example, the caterpillar has all the resources to manifest the perfect butterfly within it. Think about that... at how beautiful and radical the transformation is! It is a true miracle and the caterpillar simply needed to live to accomplish this.




You also have the same radical transformation potential locked within you. The problem is that your own self imposed barriers prevent the "Butterfly Experience" from occurring in your life. Most of us live our lives knowing that we are capable of something far greater. We may have a general idea of what that looks like if we are truly fortunate. However the guidance and insight to live, love, grow, live our purpose, connect to God, experience joy, contentment, and to be fully alive ends there for most folks.


Today the guidance begins right here with you and me. And this is not about making you become something you are not. It is about you becoming A NATURAL BEING. This is about "cutting through the cocoon (chrysalis)" and removing all of the barriers that inhibit your full and natural expression. As a result you rapidly become "integrated"; an attractive, natural, uninhibited being, where your own confidence, personal majesty and life potential is fully and fearlessly expressed. You shift how you see everything and you naturally and effortlessly explore your life as an intelligent, resourceful, loving and content Child of God. This is the most beautiful metamorphosis within the Human Experience and you are 100% capable of naturally doing this and that is a promise.


Once you understand and take action with your ego and the human experience, your life beautifully shifts from the inside - out.





Please stop listening to your ego right now and realize that you are complete; truly no different than a caterpillar with everything it needs to become a beautiful, majestic butterfly. The caterpillar's potential is that of a butterfly. Your potential is that of a fully integrated spiritual being, physically experiencing the Human Experience while living, breathing, tasting, inspiring, driving, working, presenting, loving, etc, to your absolute joyful potential. God designed you and me to express our majestic potential of love, grace, compassion, joy and everything beautiful from our Awakened hearts. You are bio-engineered by God to naturally and intuitively do this! All that you must do is to remove the barriers that prevent you from doing this.


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The only difference between you and the butterfly is objectively understanding how the Human Experience works and the spiritual laws that you are bound by. Also, your Human Experience comes with your very own self-depricating ego and the caterpillar's "Butterfly Experience" doesn't. A caterpillar doesn’t have a wounded and powerful ego to convince it cannot be a butterfly. Therefore the caterpillar undergoes a majestic, amazing and innocent transformation because there is nothing interfering or corrupting its potential. 


Unlike the caterpillar, the Human Experience comes with a wounded and powerful ego dominating and inhibiting life's potential with false beliefs that cannot be seen without conscious intervention of an expert who has journeyed before you. Our egos convince us that we cannot be amazing, loving, passionate and beautiful. Our egos convince us that we cannot do great things because of the economy, spouse, kids, government, etc. Our egos convince us that we are inadequate, inferior and unqualified. It is amazingly simple; when you shut the ego's relentless, out-of-control chatter down, your Human Potential is forever emancipated. And therein lies the miracles waiting to flood your life.


By now you should know in the pit of your stomach that you are hearing the truth that you have everything within you. Every one of God's creatures is a self contained, self healing, self actualizing biological miracle. It’s how perfect the God force of Nature works… and you are part of the perfection!


You are perfectly bio and spiro-engineered (biologically and spiritually) by God to be slightly imperfect. This way, you instinctively and eventually realize that co-creating more and more infinite ways to love with others would leave you fulfilled, purposeful and content. That is perfectly beautiful and sums up the Human Experience in so many ways!


But the game is stepped up with the Human Experience that comes with two additional "features." Besides the biological miracle, the Human Experience comes with a self contained, self healing, self actualizing SPIRITUAL miracle. And it comes with a POWERFULLY NEGATING, out of control ego that must be tamed FIRST to actualize the SPIRITUAL miracle. So doesn’t it make sense to begin right away? You begin by aligning your beliefs with the beautiful laws of Providence, cracking open your heart and taming your ego.


Being “self-contained” means the resources are within you, but the ego convinces us otherwise. You must become resourceful to Awaken!


Are you being resourceful? It is critical that you absorb a life changing paradigm shift right here, right now. This is the conversation of resources vs. resourcefulness. This became clear when I observed how Steve Jobs lived in this realm. At Steve’s death, Apple Computer dominated the market… PERIOD. Why is that? Clearly every other hi-tech player had access to the same RESOURCES such as engineers, silicon, plastics, knowledge of physics, electronics, distribution, advertising, etc, etc. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? The difference is RESOURCEFULLNESS. Steve Jobs created the best out of the same pool of common resources available to all by being the most RESOURCEFUL.




What does it take to fully access this pool? It takes BEING RESOURCEFUL. GIVE UP BEING RIGHT or VICTIMIZED. Trading OBSOLETE and FALSE BELIEFS for POWERFUL BELIEFS. Fearlessly using your IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY, FEARLESSNESS, TRUST, HUMILITY and on and on. It takes ALIGNING with GOD'S LAWS. It takes TAMING YOUR EGO and AWAKENING YOUR HEART. Just like adaptation of the species, one must continuously re-invent themselves and adapt, grow and thrive or they become desperately obsolete and depressed. THIS IS LAW.


You create resources by being resourceful. You must realize that most folks SEE THE INVERSE AND COMPLAIN AS THEY WAIT FOR THE RESOURCES TO COME TO THEM. To me this is why Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”


Therefore I encourage you to USE the GENIUS of those who have walked before you, CREATE PARTNERSHIPS, FIND MENTORS, VORACIOUSLY READ and LEARN COURSES and OTHER TRAININGS to learn the new ideas and powerful beliefs to a high level of proficiency. Continuously input new information to create as many "ahas!" as possible in my life. THE MAGIC IS IN THE “AHAS!” It takes resourcefulness to sing your song and help others sing theirs.


A safe place to drop your guard and grow the real you...


SURROUND YOURSELF with AWAKENED PEOPLE. Pick up the phone and commence the BUTTERFLY EFFECT today.


Please join us; you are so welcome.


Call anytime; the conversation is priceless...


God, family, friends,


Honor Loyaly Duty FaithRTB




Robert Bohen





You have alot to be thankful for because of what you have already accomplished.

The PROMISE of Providence



Never put off mastering Love! It's the soul purpose for the human experience.



Level one



REVELATION: Level 1 (Telephone or Skype)


Human Condition Session (An examination of your life)


Average 60 minutes: Single Session + Providence homework


Everyone is doing MOST THINGS RIGHT. Let's examine what you are doing right and also the barriers that may be blocking The Miraculous from flooding your life. This is a reality check and to immediately help you begin growing and healing. You will receive enough "ah has!" to keep you busy for a while. Simply understanding the human experience immediately shifts viewpoints and begins massive, ongoing healing in many areas. Shifting your context will allow you to immediately re-embrace your life with several permanent paradigm shifts and new beliefs.


By default your ego consumes you into the opposite of peace, belonging, trust and your natural zeal for life. You will receive expert guidance and direction, and some super fast paradigm shifts. This is the perfect beginning that is affordable and an instant investment that provides a lifetime of ongoing payoffs.


If you're feeling overwhelmed, lost, tired, uncertain, and you're not sure what to do next, this context shift will get you feeling great and refocused in record time. You'll walk away knowing what to do next in your life with a reborn hope and anticipation of expecting daily miracles, which is your birthright.


This is a perfect "test-drive" to know what the longer-term mentoring process is like.


This is perfect for:

Revelation  Finding the next level of growth
Revelation  Immediate healing
Revelation  Eliminating stress
Revelation  Marriage
Revelation  Family
Revelation  Life's passages
Revelation  Grief

Revelation  Getting focused
Revelation  Knowing what to do next


Here's what to do:

• Click the button below to sign-up. You will receive a call, and then Life Review Questionnaire to fill out. Based on your thoroughness, an extensive understanding of where you are at right now in your life will be studied prior to the call. Once the Life Review Questionnaire is submitted and studied, we will pick a time for your session.

• On the date and time of the call, you will be called and routed to me. We will have an intense session around your specific topic and get you where you need to go. It is likely that homework will be assigned. If so, upon completion of your homework we will have another brief follow up call or e-mail to discuss the results.


• After the call, UPON REQUEST, I'll send you a copy of an MP3 recording of our session so you can review it at any time. If you do not want the call recorded, please stipulate anytime before the call.


• Afterward, you are always part of our community and forever welcome. You will receive the monthly periodical called "The Experience" as well as invitations onto conference calls, webinars, and live trainings.


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The PROMISE of Providence



Never put off mastering Love! It's the soul purpose for the human experience.



Revelation 2


REVELATION: Level 2 (Telephone or Skype)


Human Experience Session (An examination of experiencing life powerfully on a daily basis) from the inside out.


Average 120 minutes: Single Session + Providence homework


Think about this: Three people look out of the window, one sees dirt, one sees stars and the other is too distracted to notice what is out the window. Why do three people experience completely different realities? This session is for you to align your reality to important, timeless wisdom and spiritual laws. This will allow you to see what-you-don't-know-you-don't-know. You will download new beliefs, which are powerful "ah-has" for seeing the blind-spots in your life (we all have them).


This will begin the shift towards a powerful, undistracted, proactive context of the journey of living as a healed, loving being. This session is the result of finely honed skills and intuition from three decades of practice. This is the perfect and permanent shift for you to begin being fully engaged, aligned, and living from a cracked open heart with your life from now on.


For approximately two hours, we will get to the heart of the matter, literally. When your heart is in charge of your life, you automatically begin to thrive and experience miracles. This isn't woo-woo new age rhetoric, this is powerful and immutable spiritual law that dictates the quality of your heart and soul experiences life's potential. This is no different than gravity dictating your body. You will understand how you are bio and spiro (spiritually) engineered by God to thrive and grow. It is a natural process, it's just not an obvious process. This why so many people struggle.


Then we will discuss tools to re-integrate and align your life with spiritual laws and timeless wisdom. You will finish the session unfolding a set of lifetime tools that will replace clutter and with clarity and uncertainty with a sense of trust and belonging.


Revelation  Discover your purpose
Revelation  Immediate healing
Revelation  Shift to a permanent powerful context
Revelation  Great for couples, family and marriage
Revelation  Crack open your heart
Revelation  Align with spiritual law
Revelation  Celebrate life

Revelation  Expect
the Miraculous
Revelation  Trust life


Here's what to do:

• Click the button below to sign-up. You will receive a call, and then a Life Review Questionnaire to fill out. Based on your thoroughness, an extensive understanding of where you are at right now in your life will be studied prior to the call. Once the Life Review Questionnaire is submitted and studied, we will pick a time for your session.

• On the date and time of the call, you will be called and routed to me. We will have an intense session around your specific topic and get you where you need to go. It is likely that homework will be assigned. If so, upon completion of your homework we will have another brief follow up call or e-mail to discuss the results.


• After the call, UPON REQUEST, I'll send you a copy of an MP3 recording of our session so you can review it at any time. If you do not want the call recorded, please stipulate anytime before the call.


• Afterward, you are always part of our community and forever welcome. You will receive the monthly periodical called "The Experience" as well as invitations onto conference calls, webinars, and live trainings.



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The PROMISE of Providence



Never put off mastering Love! It's the soul purpose for the human experience.

Revelation 3


REVELATION: Level 3 (Telephone, Skype one on one)


Journey of a Lifetime (Total transformation of the Natural Being)


Several weeks or longer + Providence homework



After a Revelation 1 or Revelation 2 meeting, you may want to continue on the path of Awakening and Providential law for what is called “The Journey of a Lifetime.” This is where you will receive powerful ongoing mentoring to fully grasp your birthright to thrive by living from a mature, cracked open heart that celebrates the God force and “The Miraculous” on a daily basis. You will be studying a very powerful 22 chapter book called "The Promise of Providence" and applying it to your life. The "Promise of Providence" is a detailed and forensic journey through the Human Experience, your ego, God's laws and powerfully living and loving. Your life will never be the same and that is a promise.


As a result, this is when we really ratchet things up to the next level and "meet" either weekly or every two weeks. Personally I prefer a “hybrid”, where we meet weekly for a while as we are in the “download” period. This is where you are flooded with new paradigms, beliefs and concepts that turn your present “reality” inside out and your initial growth is wonderfully and breathtakingly staggering.


This is also a general time of potential “upheaval” as you move boldly forward, integrating your heart to take command of your life. This is a time when we want to stay in close communication with each other as you learn new ways of dealing with old ways. Soon and naturally enough you will integrate, and as this becomes second nature, less and less “hands on” time is needed.


Naturally I provide phone, video and e-mail support in between sessions. Nothing is more important to than you becoming a bright light to pay forward what you have learned to others and we will do everything, everything, everything, to ensure that.


Just know that this is full on, no holds barred mentoring; it is intense and comprehensive. This is geared for the person with vision and purpose who truly wants to live at the cutting edge of love as their personal best. This is for those who desire to be humble yet undaunting leaders who value living in true joy and protecting lifelong relationships and transparent living. Life is an inside out job, when you change you, you change the world. As a result, you will become a bright, bright light for others because this is real transformation based on revelation and aligning with God's laws of Providence.


Revelation  Discover your purpose
Revelation  Uncover an amazing life and love plan
Revelation  Shift to a permanent and powerful context
Revelation  Legacy planning, action and living
Revelation  You will crack open your heart and tame your ego
Revelation  Master and align with spiritual law
Revelation  Celebrate life and love every day

Fully align with your newly discovered passion and purpose
Revelation  A big and permanent life change and direction


Here's what you do:

•Click the button below to sign-up. You will receive a call to download the Coaching Welcome Package.

•Depending on what we agree to, we will meet every week or couple of weeks and you will commit to take big steps in between sessions.

Your Investment: $425 Bi-Weekly or $850 every four weeks USD (may be more based on time demands and expected results).

How it Works

Customized Private Sessions:

Anything is possible. I have shadowed people as they worked, traveled and entertained. I have lived and slept with families to observe their unconscious actions to create healing. I have shadowed couples bent on divorce but wanted to persevere. With longer term programs, We can create a highly customized experiences.


As loving mentors, we do what it takes to get the job done and so will you. I measure results with how much contentment, peace, integrity, character, wellbeing, transparency, connection, love, harmony, symbiosis and the spiritual maturity you develop. This is because “stuff” like dividends, and finances naturally happen when the big things are in order. I'm able to create a highly customized mentoring process; it all depends on one’s imagination and situation.


Each is customized and based on time and resources. The return on investment is priceless when the results are God’s laws producing “The Miraculous in your life and in the lives of whom you love.


When our sessions are finished and as you are integrating your life. You are welcomed into our potent, loving community while you create your own. Meanwhile, you are now family, you know and understand. There will always be some new breakthrough to pass on to you and opportunities to love.


Your Private Intensive Coaching Includes:

Personal/and purpose centered business profile and evaluation

Welcome Package

Several Months of one on one work, including:

An intense 100 min initial session

Customized Private Coaching Calls or Visits – 60 min/MINIMUM session (whatever it takes).


Invitations to community conference calls, trainings and webinars.

Audio Recordings of each session (choice).


Spouse and family session(s) for dynamic growth.


"Blind spot" Video sessions (see you how others see you).

Between visits "Lifeline Assistance" as needed.

Supporting documentation, assignments, walk abouts or any additional tools as needed.

Infinite support and on-going accountability.


The opportunity to learn and play in our beautiful community.


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No one falls in love by choice, it is by CHANCE No one stays in love by chance, it is by WORK. No one falls out of love by chance, it is by CHOICE.




Call us today... Love Now.


Questions? We're here to help!


If you believe that you would like to become part of a community that practices Love, Now so you ultimately become an inspiration for your family and community, call today so you can begin the amazing journey "home" to Love Now.


It is the journey of a lifetime...


You are so welcome!


God, family, friends,

Honor Loyaly Duty FaithRTB

Robert Bohen




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