If you ask most people what they’ve wanted to do most in their life, most will say they haven’t done it.

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Honor Loyaly Duty FaithIt's not our promise, it's God's promise. We are only the messengers.


Make yourself a promise today; that you will start doing what matters to your heart. Your ego will always want more stuff, status, better looks, etc, and for your ego, it will never be enough. "Enough" means experiencing spiritual contentment and making a "home" within you through your healed, wide open heart. "Enough" is found within your heart that has a purpose, aligns with spiritual law and celebrates God's love. Have you examined lately what your heart wants to do around love, intimacy, friendship, contentment, joy, belonging, etc?


You are designed to live from your heart full time and this is where life's true gifts are revealed and celebrated. Promise yourself that in one year you will celebrate the powerful breakthroughs that have shifted in your life because of practicing Love Now. You will soon be living and loving in ways you never imagined. You will celebrate because you have learned how to finally love and live a far greater life than you imagined as you implicitly trust your future.


You will celebrate the relationships, skills, purpose, trust and abundance that have touched you in so many beautiful ways as a result of unleashing "The Miraculous." You will realize that you are an inspiration who has impacted those you hold dear and they will intrinsically desire to emulate your growth.

If you spend one year immersed in Love Now, you will be amazed at your growth, progress and how much your heart has cracked wide open. You will look back with wonder at the many small miracles you've experienced in your life as you gratefully expect God's law of Providence called "The Miraculous" to open up more opportunities to abundantly love in your life.


Celebrate a beautiful life of intimacy and grace.


One year from today you will reflect on the natural, child like, spontaneity that was reborn in you. Because of your cracked open heart, God's love will shine through you onto others and they will be moved and inspired by it. Like moths to a flame all people instantly recognize God's love and are attracted to it. Please know that this has nothing to do with religion, yet this has everything to do with God's love and God's beautiful laws of Providence. A proven path to know God's love is through the healing of your heart and the taming of your ego.


As a result, things that held you back or confused you are now much more clear. There are no more dark emotions. This deep and quantum shift in your heart towards Love Now changes everything around you. And you see things you could not see before in extraordinary ways. The fearful energy that you wasted towards managing unclear objectives, inadequate relationship skills, separation, inadequacy, and doubt is redirected to your heart and your ability to powerfully love.


This is your future. Begin Love now, NOW!


You will have created a very powerful, beautiful, attractive and humble place of "Love Now" in your heart. You now live with a daily expectation of miracles. You know now that Love Now is your normal and natural state and you now know how to "be" at home in your heart every day. You now understand what OSHO meant by, "The journey is home, and home is the journey" while on your infinite journey of Love Now.



Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Never put off mastering Love! It's the soul purpose for the human experience.


Starting today, you can begin to live a life that you truly love. We believe that to live a beautiful and inspired life requires living in a natural state of grace called, Love Now. Love Now is the result of mastering relationship skills, the common physics of God's laws and aligning to God's spiritual laws of love.


Pick up the phone and call. The conversation is free, and after a few minutes, you will know that there is a special opportunity to transform your heart and life, forever.


We learn best through imitation. If you are a married couple, emulate another successful married couple. If you have kids, emulate parents with amazing and grounded adult kids that are our best friends. Learn the value of training and mentoring kids around the laws of love. Whether, married, single, old, young, for business or pleasure, you will access to many personal mentors as you grow in different areas. Each mentor has their own gifts of insight to offer.




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Honor Loyaly Duty FaithLife is what we call "HOLOGRAPHIC" and everything, everything, everything matters...


The quality of relationship skills we have with others matters deeply. What matters most though, is where you relate from; your ego or your heart. Where you relate from makes the difference between harmony or chaos, belonging or loneliness, intimacy or manipulation. Relationship skills are the tools that you love with after you master where you love from. Then the quality of your relationship skills determines how effectively your heart illuminates your life and then how effectively you illuminate the lives of others.


There are three relationships that your heart must become masterful with, self, others and God. If you are ineffective with one, you are less effective with them all; that's just how it works. Therefore, to become masterful with, self, others and God, you must understand everything about relationships, common physics and God's spiritual laws.


This is the prime commandment of mankind.


We have a saying, "Everything, everything, everything" or "e³" (e-three), this means that we love every moment of everyday with everyone, everywhere. This means everything that you do, absolutely everything, has an impact on your life, therefore impacting others. This means how effective you are at Love Now (relationship skills from your heart, common physics and God's spiritual laws), literally determines the quality of your life and the legacy you leave for your children.



Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Why is it not important for Mankind?


We find it odd that humanity has not mastered what it takes to live and love powerfully over the last few millennium. Instead humanity has normalized ego driven, "me-centered" dysfunction. Most people don't give it much thought because the possibility of a beautiful life conflicts with timeless, hardened false belief systems that life is a struggle, not fair, etc. Most people go to their graves in some form of "quiet desperation" without having fully loved.


The ingredients to Love Now are certainly not taught in our schools, nor is it taught thoroughly in any one place. Of course, anyone who realizes that this global inadequacy is an "everything, everything, everything" problem, can attempt to learn Love Now in various pieces via, family, self-help organizations, churches, books, therapy, etc. However it is piecemealed, and in many cases the actual truth and compassion required for mastery is eclipsed because of the organization's own dysfunction and fear based, false belief systems. In most cases, it can be the blind leading the blind.


The survival mentality obscures our true purpose, to master the laws of love.


Because the knowledge of Love Now is not freely available, few are masterful and then we guess at life, love and relationships. And we usually do this "guessing" from our egos, which cannot achieve Love Now; only the heart can do this. Consequently without a clear understanding and knowing simple ground rules, this can be very frustrating and futile. We sense what we want for our hearts, but that stable, deep, connection always seems fleeting or elusive, or something always comes up that causes sabotage or relationships to break down.


Our ego's try many things without resolve. Then we begin to "lose faith" with ourselves and one another. This can lead to depression, despair and apathy after we believe we have exhausted all measures. We may then give up, spouting platitudes that "we have done our best" or "it is beyond resolve", and we slide down the slope and slip into "quiet desperation" to join the default of humanity's masses.


The is when misery often finds company and obsolete belief systems are validated as truth because two or more compared notes of futility. More of the masses commiserate, chanting that "life isn't fair" and other false platitudes of apathy and quiet desperation and soon entire societies share a false belief. Consequently, instead of finding commonality bound by profound love and grace, the masses find commonality and solace by what they are victimized by and remain trapped.


Don't guess, know!


Look around you at the legions of victim's right groups. If we walked into a group's headquarters purporting Love Now and that assuming full and complete responsibility for what happened would remedy their woes, we would likely be run out of town. This is a deep, deep timeless belief. There are certainly victims, but to remain victimized is a dysfunction of the ego.


Car accidents, tornadoes and calamity are part of the human experience. We are meant to heal and transcend our hearts from certain life experiences. We are to find the love and compassion out of each experience. We are to learn a powerful victorious attitude instead of defaulting to a powerless victim attitude. It can be tough, but it is what we are supposed to do.


People too easily become entrenched and normalize being a victim, finding plenty of "evidence" that being a victim is true. This becomes their false identity and false truth, and this is the easiest thing to do! This is because this is the ego's growth stunting default. However it is not the hearts! Extreme cases pepper history and instead of opening our hearts and claiming an attitude victory from our heart, we harden our hearts, spiraling deeper and deeper into the victimized factions who believe in their "cause." We must learn as a society to give up being life-long victims to live and love victoriously and powerfully from our hearts and this begins with you and me.



Honor Loyaly Duty Faith When we put our hearts in order, everything changes in breathtaking ways.


To begin to live victoriously always starts with you. An old proverb goes like this,


To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order;

to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order;

to put the family in order, we must first put our personal life in order;

to put our personal life in order, we must first put our hearts in order.


You become victorious by having quality relationships that begin with how you relate to you, understanding common physics and mastering God's spiritual laws of Providence to live well and enjoy purposeful, full lives. Then you must teach this to others as you live this by example. This is how the world changes. When enough of us are doing this, a "critical mass" will occur; it is spiritual law.


To live as an inspiration for others is most humbling and beautiful.


You have enough Grace in you to transform any other person. Each of us genuinely has the ability to choose profoundly loving relationships and live profoundly loving lives, and then you demonstrate this to others by your loving example. This is true leadership, destiny your ultimate purpose; to learn and teach love and then continuously improve on it.



Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them. Henry David Thoreau


Our hearts sing when you love yourself, others and God. To love yourself, others and God, learn and teach love, and then continuously improve on mastering love, is to align with the Supreme law or "God's laws of Providence". This Supreme law is found in the core of every religion. Unfortunately it can become corrupted by egos, fear, corruption and unquestioned false belief systems that are passed on generation after generation.


To not honor God's law to love self, others and God; to not learn and teach love, creates a consequence of us not singing in our hearts. Just like what Henry David Thoreau once said "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." It's up to you and me to change this.


Find purpose and passion through Love Now.


Together we sing the song in our hearts! Our children will then sing their song. Our friends will sing their song. Our community will sing their song. All because you sang first! This is how we are changing the world. Come sing your song with us.


Dale Carnegie said it well, "…throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours."




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Everyone can believe in love, so with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours. This is exactly what we create in this community of Love Now and you are so welcome to become part of it.


It boils down to "Everything, everything, everything" or "e³". We love every moment of everyday with everyone, everywhere. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.



Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Understand your Species!


We have dedicated decades studying the human condition. Today we choose to live as examples of following "God's law" and living in Love Now. Together we live and love freely expressed lives, with our mates, children, co-workers, etc.


We've carefully researched the many differences and similarities between a committed, heart centered man and woman. We have learned how to instill and maintain a potent synergy and passion that transcends time, change, family, business and community. We have spent decades observing how people think, fees and communicate. As a result, we have had great success mentoring committed people to instill Love Now with whom they love, so intimacy, passion and trust are a growing constant.


Love Now brings out the song in your heart!


We know what it takes for two people to be a balanced contribution to the relationship, called "the third entity." We instill the overlooked and critical set of rules and character that applies to every human being. These rules and character are what we all have in common as spiritual beings. These rules and character are "above" the sexes, testosterone, estrogen and X or Y chromosomes. We must all honor these rules and character with the same commitment to flourish, live, and love powerfully. Without knowledge of these rules, virtually every relationship will be less powerful and passionate.


We also know that almost any relationship can be saved or salvaged. There is always a path two people can take to get back to what they had, or attain whatever dreams they had for one another, or prevent future "challenges", by just learning the step by step process of Love Now.


We are here to mentor you to embrace Love Now as a beautiful, fun, fresh, natural lifestyle. Once you know how Love Now feels in your heart, you will seek to always have Love Now in your life. You will also automatically become the leadership change for others to live this way as well.


Fear keeps Love Now locked up.


We are not "therapists" that follow the established therapeutic model. Authentic rapid healing is intuitive and naturally built in to most every human being. We are heart-centered healers that understand the healing process of the human experience. We know to how to heal the heart and tame the ego to serve God's laws of love. As we mentor you, we choose only powerful and predictable results to enrich your life so you can soon do the same for others.


We are not here to see you week in and week out for months or years. Having you paying love now forward ASAP is our greatest reward. This means that you must become very good at what you do, a natural by-product of this process. Paying Love Now forward is what matters to us and you can do this with or without a degree because God designed you to be this way; a self healing entity.



Honor Loyaly Duty Faith Love Now is inside of everyone, you must remove the barriers.


Love Now lives inside all of us just waiting to be brought to the surface by your awakened heart. Our lack of knowledge, beliefs and ego driven fears merely kept it dormant. We nurture this to the surface and assist you in certain paradigm shifts that only your heart can see to occur in your world. Then Love Now happens. Love Now is instinctual to us all and we get it very quickly. Most people's lives change profoundly and become quite autonomous after five or six personal mentoring sessions.


Afterward, we encourage you to live and play with us as we all grow together, surrounded by like minded people. This is what keeps the language and practice of Love Now alive. This is a great gift to our loved ones. When you encourage them and ensure that they live and love powerfully; you do too. That's a heart-centered community in action.


Again we believe that anyone can do what we do, and we encourage you to do this with us today. We want you in action fast and living intently living as Love Now based on these rapidly learned, intrinsic and natural paradigm shifts from your awakened heart.


You are DESIGNED to live and love this way


We are simply conduits providing you with small amounts of what you "didn't know, you didn't know" and waking up certain parts of your heart and shifting your mind to follow your heart instead of your ego. Have you ever had your something in your life open up because you finally realized the missing component of something? Of course! Your life is the sum of many "ah ha" moments, great and small. Then once you "get it", you can easily teach others what you have learned. That is all that we do, and soon this is what you will do too.





We revolve around a simple mantra we call "T.H.R.I.V.E."It stands for, "TRUST, HONOR, RECONCILE, INTIMACY, VIRTUE, & EVERYTHING ELSE." The practice of T.H.R.I.V.E. transcends survival, struggle, victim, fear and pain, to a grace filled life of Love Now.



    TRUST: Trust the process of awakening, your heart and God's laws of love while mastering your spirituality and embracing your humanity.


    HONOR: Honor yourself, others and God with humility, grace and compassion.


    RECONCILE: Consistently reconcile any unconscious actions and make amends if needed so you are fully present to Love Now.


    INTIMACY: Through transparency, humility and grace, always seek intimacy with others through your awakened heart.


    VIRTUE: Conform every choice in life to the spiritually sound, "true north" principles of Love Now. Always ask, "What is the most loving decision?"


    EVERYTHING: "e³" (e-three) = Everything, everything, everything that you believe, think and do, matters. Therefore we love every moment of everyday with everyone, everywhere.


Start your transformation today by calling us if you value in this lifestyle. Let's talk about what you would like to do most in your life and create a program that produces the greatest results in the shortest period for you to thrive.


You are so very welcome!


God, family, friends,


Honor Loyaly Duty FaithRTB

Robert Bohen



Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.


Change you Change the world

© 2017 Robert Bohen - Love always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres. Love never fails.

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